Cypher One-way Smokes on Split (Defense)


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Split is where Cypher does maximum damage with his Trap Wire, Cyber Cage, and Spy Cam combo.

Cypher One-way Smokes on Split (Defense)

Well, maybe not damage opponents with any of these abilities since none of Cypher’s abilities damage enemies. Cypher is just very effective on Split.

Because Split’s layout and how narrow every entryway, alley, or hall is around Split, Cypher can quickly get crazy where he places his Trap Wires, Cyber Cages, and Spy Cam.

Thanks to Split’s claustrophobic layout, we can easily place and take advantage of some one-way Cyber Cage setups to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard for some cheeky kills.

Here are some useful Cyber Cage one-way setups for Split.

The Creepy Morrocan Stalker

Cypher is a Sentinel-class Agent who loves to spy on other Agents as they make their way slowly into his bomb site.

The Moroccan Agent is quite creepy when you realize he uses his cages (Cyber Cage) to encase enemies in his reflections while his tripwires (Trap Wire) make sure that enemies have no choice but to stare at his face for as long as possible.

He even tags them with his camera (Spycam) to make sure he can track his target wherever they go.

Cypher reaches peak Creepy-dude levels whenever he uses bespoke technology (Ultimate: Neural Theft) to tap into a dead Agent’s brain to locate other Agents. Yikes!

All jokes aside, Cypher is a master of surveillance and distraction. His skill set revolves around making sure his enemies forget about the real threat within bombsites (Cypher himself), which allows Cypher to claim kills one after the other easily. In contrast, his enemies are distracted by his traps.

Cypher Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage is Cypher’s unique smoke ability. The ability costs just 100 credits each, and Cypher can carry a maximum of two charges every round.

Cyber Cage is extra special because Cypher can activate the smoke manually.

When activated, Cypher spawns a cylindrical zone that blocks enemy vision. A sound cue is played whenever an Agent passes through the cage, which Cypher can use to spam weapons such as the Phantom through the smoke to catch unsuspecting Agents.

Cyber Cage is generally used in conjunction with Cypher’s Trap Wire to reinforce and secure the bomb site that Cypher is currently holding.

Split A-site – Ramps One-way Cyber Cage

A-Tower gives the Defenders too many good angles for A-site defense. Defenders have the better vantage point from A-Tower when defending an Attacker push on A-site, and Ramps is a choke point for Attackers that you and your team can take advantage of.

With this in mind, Attackers will want to have control of the A-Tower to complete their A-site take.

As a Sentinel player on Defense, it is your job to stop the Attacker team from taking full control of the A-Tower area. Your team can always opt for a retake in case you fail, but prevention is always going to be better than cure (retake)

Here is a one-way Cyber Cage setup for A-Ramps that works well with this Split A-Ramp Trap Wire Setup to help you defend A-Ramps better.

  1. Go to this corner on A-Ramps:

2. Look towards the Kingdom Logo on top of the A-Tower Entrance:

3. Aim for the middle part of this slope on the logo:

4. Throw the Cyber Cage:

5. The Cyber Cage puck should settle nicely on the logo:

Here is the view from inside A-Tower:

This one-way Cyber Cage will take some getting used to, but you will eventually get the hang of it.

As with all one-way smokes in VALORANT, this one is best when played with a Phantom.

Split B-site – Ropes One-way Cyber Cage

Cypher players can bring out their inner Tom Cruise with this Mission Impossible-Esque one-way smoke play for B-Tower.

B-site takes on Split often require Attackers to split (yeah) up towards B-Main and B-Tower. This ensures that the Attacker’s B-site take goes smoothly since B-Tower, like A-Tower, is a great vantage point for Defenders.

Cypher can help defend B-Tower, and maybe even score a few easy kills off a Mission Impossible Rope Spray-down Attack on B-Tower.

Here is a one-way Cyber Cage set up to ensure you do not fall and die as Gwen Stacy did.

  1. Get on top of the B-Drop/Hell platform:

2. Align yourself with this line on the Drop/Hell Platform:

3. Aim for this corner on the B-Tower pipes:

4. Throw the Cyber Cage while aiming for said corner:

When done properly, the Cyber Cage puck should land clean on top of the Ropes pulley:

Split B-site – B-Main Entrance Cyber Cage

We have all been there. You and your friends decide to go for a full-on B-site Spectre rush on Split, a standard strategy for troll games at lower elo.

You all run as fast as you can towards B-Main, fully equipped with your trusty Spectres.

As you and your teammates make your way towards the B-site Entrance, the unthinkable happens; a Cyber Cage pops, and one of your teammates suddenly falls dead.

Your teammates have no idea where that shot came from. They start to panic. The plan falls apart as everyone agrees that pushing through B-site could mean disaster for the rest of the team.

Here is a deadly one-way Cyber Cage for B-Main Entrance:

  1. Look for this door beside B-Main Entrance:

2. Align yourself with the door:

3. Look up towards the B-Entrance roof and aim for this spot:

4. Throw the Cyber Cage:

When done correctly, the Cyber Cage should bounce off the roof and land on the small ledge on the B-site Entrance:

This Cyber Cage setup provides an easy one-way effect for B-Main:

High-tech Mind Games

Cypher’s one-way smokes on Split cover some of the most important areas around the map.

A-Ramps, B-Main Entrance, and B-Tower are three of the most common entryways that Attackers take towards the bombsite of their choice, all of which are covered by the one-way Cyber Cage setups we have featured in this article.

Our Moroccan Sentinel Agent is usually best played in a pretty laid-back manner, as waiting patiently on-site for the next prey is one of Cypher’s key gameplay characteristics. Fortunately, these one-way smokes give more trigger-happy Cypher players a little wiggle room to be more aggressive on Defense.

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