How To Change Your Resolution in Dead by Daylight


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Learn how to change your resolution in Dead by Daylight!

How To Change Your Resolution in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight set the bar for asymmetrical horror-survival games and is considered one of the genre’s most popular titles today, but it does have an odd quirk that sets it apart from most modern games.

Regarding modern games like Overwatch 2, players can usually go into detail regarding their in-game settings. Not just with the audio and controls but going so far as the color and appearance of crosshairs to the game’s framerate.

Oddly enough, Dead by Daylight players can’t meddle with the game’s resolution when they’re in the game itself, but some users online have found loopholes when setting the game in their preferred resolution.

The Default Resolution Setup in Dead by Daylight

For context, going to the graphics menu of Dead by Daylight has options for the player to adjust Quality, Auto-Adjust, Resolution, and Fullscreen.

A screenshot showing the settings screen in Dead by Daylight
via: TechTimeFly/Youtube

The game also allows players to adjust the UI/HUD with UI Scale, In-Game HUD Scale, Skill Check Scale, Large Text, Player Names Visibility, and Killer Hook Count Visibility.

While these options already look simple, more experienced players who are very particular with settings consider the menu not extensive enough. Still, while Behaviour Interactive hasn’t given any significant update on that, there are several options where you can adjust the resolution based on your preference.

Using Steam Launch Options

Players have opted for one option when it comes to changing the resolution of DBD via the Steam Launch options. At the Steam menu, right-click on Dead by Daylight in the Library, then click properties:

A screenshot showing the Steam Library page
A screenshot showing the game options for Dead by Daylight in Steam
Via: TechTimeFly/Youtube

A menu will open up, and you should go to Launch Options. In that bar, type:

“-windows -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080

A screenshot showing how to input “-windows -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080” into the Steam Launcher Options
via: TechTimeFly/Youtube

Of course, players can choose the resolution by changing the numbers on the code, but essentially, this fix will alter the game’s resolution per the user’s preferred settings.

GeForce Experience App

Nvidia Graphics card users can change the resolution of DBD via the GeForce Experience application on their desktop.

Simply click on the Details option for Dead by Daylight:

A screenshot showing the game screen in GeForce Experience
Via: tech How/Youtube

When you get to the menu, click on the wrench icon, and it should open a new window:

A screenshot showing the custom settings screen for Dead by Daylight in GeForce Experience
A screenshot showing the custom settings screen in GeForce Experience
Via: tech How/Youtube

From that point, players can easily change the resolution of the game based on their preference, as well as the Display mode on the platform. There is also an optimizer bar in which players can choose if they prefer the graphics card to prioritize the game’s performance versus the Quality.

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Setting Custom Resolution

With the GeForce method having its own set of resolutions, there is also an option allowing players to input their custom resolutions. Still, it is trickier and not such a ‘point-and-click’ method.

In the Windows search bar of your PC, search “%appdata%.”

A screenshot showing the %appdata% file folder in Windows
via: tech How/Youtube

Pressing enter will open File Explorer on the PC. From this point, the user should navigate to AppData>Local>Dead by Daylight>Saved>Config>WindowsNoEditor:

A screenshot showing where to find the Compat file in Windows
A screenshot showing where to find the GameUserSettings file in Windows
via: tech How/Youtube

Open the GameUserSettings file from that folder, and a notepad document should appear. Scroll down the code, and you’ll be able to spot the resolution options in this order:

ResolutionSizeX= [number]

ResolutionSizeY= [number]

LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX= [number]

LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY= [number]

A screenshot showing what lines to edit in the GameUserSettings file
via: tech How/Youtube

Change the value of the [number] spaces to your confirmed resolution, and apply the changes to the game. After this, the game should run in the specific resolution that the user has set up.

A screenshot of Ghostface taking a pic with a victim in Dead by Daylight

Closing In

With a game so reliant on atmosphere and experience to engross players in their world, it’s essential for some players that they should be able to customize the game’s settings in very excruciatingly specific ways.

If some pro gamers could even have it, they would adjust things to the very millisecond. Though fans hope that Behaviour Interactive could make a more intuitive Settings Menu, at least players have numerous options to change the DBD resolution.

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