Dead by Daylight: How To Play Ghost Face


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Dead by Daylight has many licensed characters in their roster of killers, and the one murderer from the Scream franchise, Ghost Face, is also available to play.

Dead by Daylight: How To Play Ghost Face

Unlike many of the killers in the game who have supernatural powers and rely on their brute strength to strike fear among the unlucky survivors, Ghost Face is special in that they aren’t supernatural. However, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

Who is The Ghost Face?

Ghost Face is the main antagonist of the Scream franchise and is a unique killer. Their identity changes with each film, with the audience having to guess who the new Ghost Face is every time.

In the game, Ghost Face’s identity is that of Jed Olsen, an original character created for the game. Olsen is said to be a freelancer newspaper journalist who covers the Ghost Face murders by day. Then, by night, puts on a mask and commits them.

In every Scream film, Ghost Face is a sadistic stalker and usually scares their victims by toying with them. Slowly, Ghost Face terrifies his victims, and then he attacks out of nowhere.

Ghost Face was introduced in Chapter 12 of Dead by Daylight. They are one of several licensed monsters in the game.

A screenshot of Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

What are Ghost Face’s Abilities

Though many monsters in the game are known for their magical abilities and superhuman strength, the game embraces the humanity of Ghost Face, making him a simple killer with a knife—that doesn’t mean he’s any less dangerous, though.

Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight is a character that relies mostly on stealth. His abilities make him hard to spot in the game until it’s too late for the survivors.

Night Shroud – Makes The Ghost Face undetectable and is deactivated when she performs a basic attack.

Crouch – Makes The Ghost Face crouch and can hide in tall grass and other obstacles. When activated, his speed is reduced to 3.8 m/s.

Stalk and Lean – Allows Ghost Face to stalk survivors by peeking around corners. Getting exposed by a survivor will remove Night Shroud.

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Special Affliction: Marked – When survivors are fully stalked, they become Marked, exposing them for 60 seconds. When they’re exposed, they can’t reveal The Ghost Face.

Special Interaction: Reveal – He becomes revealed when survivors look at Ghost Face for 1.5 seconds. His Night Shroud is deactivated, and his Power gauge is depleted. However, survivors that reveal Ghost Face will have their exact location revealed for 2 seconds.

A screenshot of Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

Ghost Face Perks

I’m All Ears – Any survivor who performs a rushed action within 48 meters of Ghost Face will have their aura revealed for 6 seconds.

Thrilling Tremors – When Ghost Face picks up a survivor, all generators that are not being fixed will be blocked by The Entity.

Furtive Chase – Ghost Face becomes Obsessed with one survivor. When he hooks them, he gains 1 Token (with a max of 4 Tokens). When a survivor saves another from the Hook, they become the new Obsession.

A screenshot of Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

How to Use Ghost Face’s Abilities

With Ghost Face not physically strong, much of his kit is about learning to be stealthy and attacking survivors when they least expect it.

Though it’s always ideal for marking survivors when they’re spotted, pro-Ghost Face players suggest that they get marked slowly and only attack them when their gauge is almost full, and it would be too late to react.

While Ghost Face also has a lot of abilities that can reveal where players are, the Thrilling Tremors perk is also considered useful in locating which Generator he should target next. With all the blocked generators turning white, the red Generator has someone currently working on it; there’s someone to take out there.

 Though Ghost Face has many unique skills, players often like to pair him up with learned abilities that help him track victims better, like Barbecue & Chili, A Nurse’s Calling, and Bitter Murmur. Other players also like to add Corrupt Intervention and Enduring to their kit to tighten the map between Ghost Face and the survivors and make up for his fragile constitution.

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