How To Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight


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If you are wondering how to get Shards in Dead by Daylight, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the topic!

How To Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

Like with every modern game, Dead by Daylight also comes with multiple types of currency, each being acquired through different means and able to buy different things within the game.

Though the game’s main currency is considered to be Bloodpoints, there is also another type of currency that can only be obtained via playing the game, and that’s the Iridescent Shards.

What are Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight?

If Bloodpoints in the game are rewarded for doing specific actions, then Iridescent Shards are rewards for players who progress in their experience. For every completed trial, players are awarded experience points (XP), and the higher a player levels up, the more the rewards are for Iridescent Shards.

With the shards, players can purchase teachable perks for their characters via the Shrine of Secrets. They can also buy items in the store and original characters from the game. Licensed characters from other IPs like Ghostface (Scream) or Michael Myers (Halloween) can’t be purchased with Shards.

How to Earn Iridescent Shards FASTER in Dead by Daylight

The shards are considered one of the more challenging currencies to collect in Dead by Daylight. You must earn them by playing the game and progressing your level. Still, certain systems will allow players to speed up the process without grinding.

The Spirit standing behind David Tapp getting ready to kill him in Dead by Daylight

1. Be a Good Player

Though there’s nothing wrong with casual gaming, DBD provides more perks for dedicated players. Ensuring you perform your responsibilities as a survivor or a killer with every trial will earn you more points by the endgame.

There are multiple scoring categories when it comes to matches. While hitting all of them is impossible, the game rewards players for their efforts. So besides repairing generators, players will also get rewards for healing teammates or taking them down from hooks. You can also get some points for getting into chases with the killer and cleansing totems around the map.

The Trapper from Dead by Daylight standing straight and looking down upon his victims

2. Play Everyday

Dead by Daylight also provides bonuses for players who play every day. A player can earn the First Match of the Day 300 bonus XP by getting into a match. While not everyone can play every day, at least doing one match can ensure a good bust of XP.

Though the grind can be slow, having a higher level on the player progression track rewards more shards for players. Ideally, you want to get higher on the level track as fast as possible.

Ghost Face stalking Jane Romero in Dead by Daylight

3. Don’t Let the Matches Last Too Long

The game offers bonuses for the time of the match, but there is a cap when the match goes past 10 minutes. So, as a killer and a survivor, it would be best to ensure that you either get all the survivors in under 10 minutes or that the team escapes in 10 minutes.

Of course, there are multiple reasons why a game would last longer, but the idea is to reward players who are very proficient when performing their roles. Besides, it would be ideal for players to play as many matches as possible in a day. Additionally, it would be great if they could get more numbers out of the way.

A screenshot of Skull Merchant, a killer in Dead by Daylight

4. Watch Out for Events

Though players will have to earn shards the normal way through progression, Dead by Daylight also offers some seasonal events, allowing players to earn extra shards based on the challenges they can complete during a limited time.

The events don’t just focus on shards either; usually, players will get the chance to earn all kinds of special loot from Bloodpoints to cosmetics.

Admittedly, events only occur once every few weeks, so keeping track of the game’s calendar and when these special events will occur would be ideal. It is best to follow Behaviour Interactive and DBD on their social media accounts and watch out for announcements.

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