Dead Space Remake Gets Release Window


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A title that defines a genre comes along once in a while, with titles like Dark Souls and Resident Evil changing the definition of horror games. Now Motive is looking to remake Dead Space for new-gen consoles, and we now have a release window for their DS remake.

Dead Space Remake Gets Release Window

Here is the announcement:

This announcement follows a recent developer live stream where we got an in-depth look at the changes coming to the game and the work that is gone to add a whole new level of atmosphere to the interior of the USG Ishimura.

You can watch the full video here:

Motive invites you to the latest in their series of early looks at the development and what goes into the remake of a game. This live stream will focus on the studio’s philosophy for taking Dead Space’s award-winning audio design to the next level by bringing the game to today’s generation of platforms and the new Frostbite™ engine – while remaining faithful to the iconic atmosphere mood and sounds you know and love.

Though the game is a remake, the developers are Motive is aiming to further the sound design that was already applauded when the game first came out. The live stream offers a first listen to the changes done to the sounds of the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle, and we also get a sample of Isaac’s new ALIVE system.

With the Resident Evil titles having remakes for the previous gen, Dead Space is primed and ready for a comeback. Hopefully, we do not have to wait too long before getting our first trailer.

The Dead Space remake is set to come out sometime in early 2023.

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