Dead Space Remake Finally Gets a Release Date



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Very few games manage to define a genre, and Visceral Games Dead Space pretty much raised the bar for survival horror. With the remake announced last year, we now have a release date for the reboot of one of the scariest sci-fi games.

Dead Space Remake Finally Gets a Release Date

As per the official announcement, Dead Space will come out on January 27, 2023.

No new trailer has been released, but you can check out some new concept art via IGN.

The game essentially brings together the horror of The Thing and Aliens. You, Isaac Clarke, will have to navigate a ship infested with Necromorphs, morphed versions of the ship’s crew that have all turned into body-horror nightmares.

Though Visceral Games may not be working on the reboot, EA Motive is taking the reins this time—and they previously worked on another major science-fiction property with Star Wars Battlefront II. Hopefully, they can bring the same dazzling visuals and action to their remake of Dead Space.

You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura. You’re not a warrior. You’re not a soldier. You are, however, the last line of defense for the remaining living crew.

We do not know what platforms the Dead Space remake will be available on, but we suspect it will be available for most major platforms, including the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4|5, and PC.  

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