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Rhodeia of Loch is a pure Hydro life form called an Oceanid or a Lochfolk. This noble elemental creature dwells in the pure waters of Qince and the purer the waters are, the more powerful the Oceanid will grow. This elemental monster will attack anyone who goes near the body of water it is attached to, making it deadly to unprepared explorers.

How to Defeat the Oceanid of Qingce in Genshin Impact

The Oceanid will summon Hydro Mimics to attack its target. It also cannot be attacked directly and the only way to win against it is to defeat all the mimics it will summon.

The mimics that the Oceanid summons are also creatures of pure Hydro, which means they are all immune to attacks of the same element. Physical attacks can be used against them but using Cryo and Electro are the best options.

Hydro Mimics

The Oceanid can call forth eight (8) types of mimics and every battle it will summon such creatures five (5) times. One type will be summoned for the first and second times and two types of mimics will be conjured for the rest of the Oceanid’s summons.

Flamingos – 3 Hydro flamingos will be summoned at one time. These are the easiest types to defeat because they have the lowest HP.

However, these things can jump o-ut of the platforms and attack from a distance making it impossible to damage them using melee attacks. So make sure to include a catalyst or bow type characters in your team lineup.

Boars – 2 Hydro boars are summoned at the same time.

Their attacks are just forward charges that are easy to dodge. The challenges against these opponents are their high defense and the ability to absorb the water around and recover HP overtime.

Use Cryo to stop the boars’ HP regeneration or electro for higher damage and quickly reduce its HP.

Falcons 3 flying Hydro falcons are summoned to attack by diving from above.

Since they are suspended it will be difficult to attack them with melee strikes. Thus archers and catalyst users are your best bet.

It will also be a lot easier if you attack these flying creatures using Electro, because then an Electro-charged elemental creation will be triggered and they will electrocute each other as well as other Hydro mimics near them.

Ducks – 2 Hydro ducks are summoned at one time. Each duck will have a swirling water pool under it which will cause high continuous damage when you get contact to it. These ducks will move close to you to deal damage.

You can use Cryo to freeze ducks and stop their movements and avoid the swirling waters.

Crabs – 2 Hydro crabs move a lot. These crabs will move in a weird way that makes it easy for melee attacks to miss. They will also continuously shoot bubbles that will quickly reduce your HP.

Use Cryo to stop the crabs’ movements and bubble attacks.

Squirrels – there will be 2 squirrels each time they get summoned. They will attack using their tails which can deal high damage.

You can easily avoid these attacks but if you are not careful, your active character could fall in one or two tail sweeps.

Finch – this Hydro bird is one of the mimics that can deal a wide AOE with huge damage.

It will move close to you and do a high jump. The area of effect will be marked so you can either move away or time your dodge perfectly to avoid getting hit.

Frog – this Hydro frog mimic can do three different attacks and deals huge damage.

When you are keeping a good distance from it, it will do a forward slam with its front legs to send a gush of water.

When in a close distance, it will do two different jumps – a quick one that deals a small damage and a high jump that deals huge damage in a wide AOE.

After defeating the Hydro Finch and Frog mimics, it will create a water bomb that will explode. To avoid getting hit, you can run to the edge of the platform and jump into the water just before the explosion.

Additional Mechanics

The types of mimics are summoned at random. Thus, a combination of Falcons and Crabs may exist and make the fight extra annoying.

Also, every after two summons or waves of Hydro mimics, the Oceanid will pounce on two platforms for it to sink and reduce the area where you can move.

Your attacks can be limited by this because you can’t attack when swimming. And if you have used all your stamina, you will drown when you fall into the water.


Dip, Duck, Dive, Dodge, Defeat – this achievement will be unlocked if within the entire battle against the Oceanid, you did not get hit by the water bomb’s explosion.

Hydro Hunter – unlock this achievement by defeating every type of Hydro Mimic that the Oceanid can summon.

Like all other boss fights, if you are not that confident with your skills or characters’ strengths, you can always include a shielder and a healer in your party lineup.

The Oceanid is perhaps the most difficult boss for new players, especially in early-game where adventurers don’t have the best gears yet. After reading this guide, you should have gained the knowledge needed to be more confident to face this Hydro enemy.

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