Destroy All Humans! PS4 Trophies Are Live and Full of Daft Humour


Chris Harding

Writer and Storywriter


Destroy All Humans! is coming to the PS4 this week after having briefly been made available in North America before being removed from the PlayStation Store. It would seem somebody pushed the “SEND TO WORLD” button a little early.
We expect the game will hit the PlayStation Network this week along with Red Faction which has also been confirmed for the PS4. To tide you over, we’ve got the full list of trophies that you’ll be going for in Destroy All Humans! down below, and we’ll have some captured gameplay soon. As expected, there’s some silly humour tucked away with the digital gongs.
Destroy All Humans! PS4 Trophies
Ruler of Earth
Unlock all other trophies.
Probe-ation Officer
Collect all Probes.
Sun, Surf & Probes
Collect all Probes in Santa Modesta.
Saturday Evening Probe
Collect all Probes in Rockwell.
Down-Home Country Probing
Collect all Probes in Turnipseed Farm.
A Conspiracy of Probes
Collect all Probes in Area-42.
Probe Town, USA
Collect all Probes in Union Town.
Probes With a Capitol P
Collect all Probes in Capitol City.
The Tyrant of Turnipseed
Complete all side missions in Turnipseed Farm.
Rocked Well
Complete all side missions in Rockwell.
Modestly Successful
Complete all side missions in Santa Modesta.
Area 86ed
Complete all side missions in Area 42.
A Much Less Perfect Union
Complete all side missions in Union Town.
Kicking Government In the Seat
Complete all side missions in Capitol City.
First Contact
Complete “Destination Earth!”
Eminence Grise
Complete “Citizen Crypto.”
Mars Needs Information
Complete “The Island Suburbia.”
We’re Doing It Live
Complete “Suburb of the Damned.”
Bombing Run
Complete “Duck and Cover!”
This Ridiculous War
Complete “Armiquist vs. the Furons!”
Complete “Attack of the 50 Ft. President!”
Power Trip
Complete a side mission with the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled.
Gray Matters
Collect a total of 50,000 DNA without using the Mmm… Brains! Cheat.
Ride the Lightning
Fully upgrade the Zap-O-Matic.
Dust in the Wind
Fully upgrade the Disintegrator Ray.
Earth-Shattering Kaboom
Fully upgrade the Ion Detonator.
Mind Over Matter
Fully upgrade Psychokinesis.
Danger: Death Ray
Fully upgrade the saucer’s Death Ray.
Mind Over Antimatter
Fully upgrade the saucer’s Sonic Boom.
Now You Learn to Love the Bomb
Fully upgrade the saucer’s Quantum Deconstructor.
Alien Overlord
Achieve 100% completion.
There’s the Beef
Tip 100 cows.
Terror From Beyond the Stars!
Kill a total of 1,000 humans.
Trail of Wreckage
Destroy 500 vehicles.
Identity Thief
Assume 40 identities.
Food for Thought
Extract 250 brains from living humans.
Term Limited
Assassinate 50 politicians.
Alien Conqueror vs. Robot Soldier!
Destroy 50 robots.

Destroy All Humans! PS4 Trophies Are Live and Full of Daft Humour
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