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We can argue about specs for the Xbox and PlayStation  all year-round, but PlayStation has definitely won when it comes to exclusive titles like God of War, The Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn. As it turns out, Sony has acquired a new sci-fi IP, and some images and details have leaked online.

Details for New Sony PlayStation Sci-Fi RPG Leak Online

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Take note, the image is from early development, so we should expect something more polished to leak soon, since this game is using the Unreal Engine 5 for its graphics. Besides the use of UE 5, it’s also said that the game is also a sci-fi RPG, and that the game is in development by an xDev.

With the popularity of titles like Mass Effect and Halo, we can always bet that there is definitely a space for science-fiction in video games; but I guess PlayStation is yet to have that kind of brand when it comes to their IP. So far, the most popular games in their category are more inclined to fantasy like God of War—even the Horizon games are too grounded on Earth to feel like a space adventure.

The closest thing I can think of to a sci-fi PlayStation exclusive is Ratchet & Clank, but that’s probably not the kind of IP that PlayStation is looking for. I could also say Returnal, but that’s also closer to sci-fantasy rather than sci-fi.

We don’t know when Sony will officially unveil this new UP, but hopefully they don’t keep fans waiting too long after these leaks. My guess is we could get something in the middle of the year, but the ball is in Sony’s court when they want to make the announcement.

PlayStation is yet to announce their next original IP game.

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