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Enter dungeons, slay enemies, collect rewards, rinse and repeat. Farm XP and gain Legendary Gems and Equipment by clearing out Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Elder Rift Guide

Fans of previous Diablo games will be very familiar with Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal, as these dungeons resemble the Nephalem Rifts from Diablo III. Like Nephalem Rifts, players can use modifiers to make dungeon-crawling more challenging and increase the drop chance of high-value loot.

The Elder Rift is where most players will be spending their time in Diablo Immortal until they hit level 60. As such, they will need every bit of help to make dungeon-crawling in Elder Rifts worth their while.

What is Elder Rift?

Diablo Immortal’s Elder Rift are random dungeons that players can clear out to get different kinds of loot, XP, and equipment.

How does Elder Rift work in Diablo Immortal?

Elder Rift dungeons are filled with random monsters players need to defeat to progress through the Elder Rift and eventually summon the Rift Guardian – the Elder Rift’s Final Boss.

Players are rewarded with various loot items such as Gold, random equipment, Runes, Fading Ember, or even Legendary Gems upon defeating the Rift Guardian.

However, players must remember that Elder Rifts are time-bound, so they must complete the run as quickly as possible to reap the rewards.

Where is Elder Rift located?

Players can unlock the Elder Rift by progressing through the first few Main Quests in the game. Fortunately, players only have to play through an hour or so of Main Quests to arrive in Westmarch.

Upon reaching Westmarch, the player will meet an NPC named Charsi, who, after completing a few Main Quests, will give the player a rundown about Elder Rifts.

Players can find the Elder Rift at Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch, and players can come back and re-do Elder Rift runs with no limit.

How to Party for Elder Rift?

Elder Rifts can be played alone or with a group of up to four players, and players can use the “Party Finder” option to team up with other players before entering the Elder Rift.

Alternatively, players can join a Warband or Clan and link up with three other players to clear Elder Rifts more efficiently.

Best Way to Play Elder Rift in Diablo Immortal

Elder Rifts runs are all about efficiency – the faster you can clear the Elder Rift, the more frequently you can re-do the whole sequence repeatedly. More Elder Rift runs mean you’ll have more chances of gaining XP, loot, and Legendary Gems.

Here are some important tips you must remember to maximize your Elder Rift Runs in Diablo Immortal.

#1 Use Crests

The holy grail of Diablo Immortal loot is the Legendary Gem. Elder Rift runs can drop a Legendary Gem now and then, but the chances are closer to zero than one might think.

Fortunately, Elter Rifts allow players to use modifiers that can increase or even guarantee the chance of a Legendary Gem drop.

A Rare Crest modifier can increase the chances of a Legendary Gem dropping after a successful Elder Rift run, but a Legendary Crest will guarantee it.

Players can acquire Crests from the Crest Merchant or the Battle Pass.

#2 Focus on Elite Monsters

If you pay close attention to the mini-map on your Elder Rift runs, you might notice a few enemies that are marked blue with a skull icon – Elite Monsters that carry a special orb called Rift Progress Orbs.

Defeating these Elite Monsters and picking up Rift Progress Orbs will fill up the Elder Rift gauge faster than simply killing low-level monsters.

To speed up your Elder Rift runs, hunt down monsters marked blue on the mini-map to summon the Rift Guardian faster. Defeat it quickly and get various types of valuable loot fast. Rinse and repeat.

#3 Team Up

More hands get more work done. In Diablo Immortal Elder Rift runs, players can clear dungeons much faster when multiple players are clearing the dungeon of monsters simultaneously.

However, Elder Rift runs are dynamic and will increase in difficulty when a high-level player enters the Rift.

So if you’re thinking about cheating the system and getting someone 20 levels above you to “carry” you through Elder Rift runs, you will be in for a nasty surprise. Elder Rift difficulty scales with the highest-ranked member of your party, making dungeon clearing for low-level party members a nightmare.

Rinse and Repeat

Most players will find themselves grinding XP, Gold, Equipment, and, of course, those sought-after Legendary Gems in Elder Rifts. The good news is that players can come back and embark on Elder Rift runs as frequently as they want since there isn’t a limit to how often players can enter the Elder Rift.

With that in mind, try out the tips we have listed above to clear Elder Rifts as quickly as possible so you can collect more of those sweet rewards.

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