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Characters can learn more than ten unique skills in Diablo Immortal. With just four slots available at any given time, knowing how to change skills in Diablo Immortal will help a ton with pre-dungeon run preparations. 

How to Change Skills in Diablo Immortal

Skills are the main differentiators between classes in Diablo Immortal. And because each class features different skill sets, gameplay and item builds will differ greatly between classes.

As a mobile-first game, Blizzard has done a great job making Diablo Immortal feel more or less similar to full-fledged PC versions of the previous games in the franchise. However, with just four unique active skills that players can access at any given time, players will have to know how to switch between skills frequently to adapt their skill sets based on their team’s needs.

This guide will show you how to change skills in Diablo Immortal so you can easily adapt your character for any situation in-game.

Types of Skills in Diablo Immortal

There are eight different types of skills in Diablo Immortal. These are:

  • Damage Skill – inflicts instant damage to all enemies hit.
  • Channel Skill – skill remains active as long as the character has Energy
  • Buff Skill – gives the character or their allies status bonuses
  • Dash Skill – give the character increased movement speed or alter how the character can move around in-game.
  • Control Skill – abilities that inflict negative status effects on all enemies hit
  • Charge Skill – abilities that can be held for a brief period to increase effect or damage
  • Multiple-stage Skill – Skills that can be activated multiple times in succession
  • Gather Skill – crowd-control abilities can round up enemies towards a concentrated area.

Each class will feature multiple types of skills in Diablo Immortal. Some classes, such as the Barbarian, are particularly good at gathering enemies into a single spot and instantly clearing hoards of enemies with powerful Damage and Channel Skills.

How to Change Skills in Diablo Immortal

Knowing how to change skills in Diablo Immortal can help players mix and match skills to find their perfect 4-skill builds that will synergize well with their playstyle and item builds in-game. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on the game menu button:
1 16

2. Tap on Skills:

2 1

3. Tap on the Skill you would like to add swap in:

3 1

4. Tap on “Equip”:

4 1

5. Tap on an ability you would like to swap out:

5 1

6. Done!

image 18

Alternatively, you can choose any of the four active abilities and rearrange their positions to your preferences by tapping on any active skill:

image 19

Tapping on the “Switch Slot” button:

6 1

Choose any of the other three skills you would like to switch positions with:

image 20

Swap In, Swap Out

There will always be certain ways to play a specific class in MMORPG. For example, the Barbarian class is expected to play in the front lines and inflict as much damage on enemies as possible.

However, that is not the only way to play that class. With certain items and skill setups, players can play the Barbarian or any other class in Diablo Immortal in a very unorthodox yet effective way.

Nevertheless, knowing how to swap out skills in-game will help players quickly swap in skills as needed to adjust quickly to their team’s needs.

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