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How to Spawn a Helicopter in GTA V

Driving around GTA V in the fastest and coolest looking rides is cool and all, but have you ever seen Downtown Los Santos at sunset from the skies? The view is simply breathtaking. Not bad for a 10-year-old game.

GTA V offers a variety of aircraft that players can go ahead and pilot around the game. There’s the classic Dodo Seaplane that everyone has come to know and love from the previous game, and then there are the usual commercial airplanes in the Los Santos International Airport.

Unfortunately, the player has to get to specific locations to steal and pilot these aircraft in-game. If you simply do not want to drive around for miles just to take on the skies, we’ll show you how to spawn a helicopter in GTA V instead.

Where to get a Helicopter in GTA V

Before we show you how to spawn a helicopter in GTA V, you might want to check out these alternative ways to grab the different types of choppers available in-game. You might just find a type of helicopter that you like from these options.

Visit Helipad Locations

There are quite a few Helipad Locations in GTA V. More often than not, these helipads will spawn a helicopter that players can steal and fly around Los Santos.

  • Davis Sheriff’s Station
  • Los Santos Naval Port
  • Vespucci Police Station
  • NOOSE Headquarters
  • Vespucci Helipad
  • Parachute Jump Locations
    • Vinewood Racetrack
    • Mirror Park Boulevard
  • Maze Bank Tower

Breach Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is home to some of the most potent combat aircraft in GTA V.

The Military Base in GTA V houses military aircraft such as the P-996 Jet Fighter, Buzzard Attack Chopper, and the Titan Mega-chopper.

All of these aircraft are up for grabs if the player knows where the Military Base is located and manages to survive the hoards of military personnel out to stop them from stealing these military aircraft. 

Los Santos International Airport

When you think of Los Santos International Airport, you usually think of commercial jets. However, in GTA V, commercial aircraft aren’t the only things landing and flying in this particular airspace.

Players can find a helipad near the northeastern gate of the Los Santos International Airport, where helicopters are usually spawned and parked.

Keep in mind that you’ll get an instant three-star wanted level upon entering the LSIA unless you own a private hangar in the area, so get in and fly out as quickly as possible.

Central Los Santos Medical Center

The Central Los Santos Medical Center in Downtown Los Santos features two helipads that spawn up to two Air Ambulances in-game. Players can access these helipads via the stairs or ladders found around the building.

How to Spawn a Helicopter in GTA V?

To spawn a helicopter in GTA V, players can enter the cheat code “BUZZOFF” in the GTA 5 cheat console on the PC or dial 1-999-289-9633 (1-999-BUZZ-OFF) on the mobile phone in-game for PlayStation and Xbox.

This cheat will instantly spawn a Buzzard Attack Chopper in front of the player in-game. Players can simply board the aircraft and fly around Los Santos to their heart’s content.

The Buzzard Attack Chopper also comes preloaded with a Missile Launcher and a Machine Gun that players can use to terrorize Los Santos for some chaotic fun if they’re into that.

Alternatively, players can simply visit any of the locations we have listed above to steal other types of helicopters in-game.

Float Like a Butterfly

The Buzzard Attack Helicopter is the GTA V military’s premier combat chopper that features missiles and a machinegun on board. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use any of its weapons as doing so will have the military on your tail and raise your wanted level to a few stars immediately.

However, if you’re just out to have fun and blow stuff up from the skies, then spawn as many Buzzard Attack Choppers as you want in GTA V and spam those missiles and machine guns til you drop.

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