Diablo Immortal: January 24 Bug Fixes


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Blizzard is continuously working to make Diablo Immortal a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Diablo Immortal: January 24 Bug Fixes

There has been one Bug Fix update since the release of Terror’s Tide back on January 14 which fixed Crusader Legendary Item Torrential Refrain functionality alongside summon and Wizard skills. Bounties also saw a fix that changed how Bounties are shared between members of a Party.

The January 24 update features a longer list of bug fixes that zeroes in on bugs found in Gameplay, Stormpoint, Tong-Shi’s Renewal, and UI.

We have listed all the recently fixed bugs in Diablo Immortal in this guide.

Bug Fixes – January 24


  • Reverted a change that lowered the maximum penalty for Combat Rating scaling when fighting higher difficulty monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with The Hunger Legendary Gem where its haste bonus was unintentionally applied when using the Rank One and Rank Two versions of the gem.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow War registration did not persist.


  • Fixed an issue within Stormpoint’s Onslaught Zone Event where an associated enemy entered an invulnerable state, preventing the event from concluding.
  • Auto-navigation with now behave properly in the Stormpoint zone when multiple enemies are present.

Tong-Shi’s Renewal

  • Fixed an issue with Fortune’s Favor where players wouldn’t receive a full refund of Eternal Orbs used to purchase an item.


  • Fixed an issue where the Fractured Plane was inaccessible through the Codex.
  • Fixed an issue with sharing Cosmetics on social media platforms.
  • Red dots will now disappear from limited-time Shop bundles after interacting with them.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from accepting an invitation to join a different Party while they were already in a Party.


Last year, Blizzard announced a more normalized update cadence that alternated between a more frequent but smaller Content Update and a less frequent but feature-packed Major Update. The updates have been consistent so far and players seem to be happy with the incremental improvements that Blizzard has added to the game.

Bug Fixes are also considered improvements, albeit from a quality-of-life aspect, and Blizzard has been hard at work to iron out bugs that popped up after the Terror’s Tide Major Update.

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