Where To Find The Shassar Sea Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal


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Find all the Hidden Lairs in the Shassar Sea.

Where To Find The Shassar Sea Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

The Shassar Sea was once a thriving kingdom ruled by King Fahir. With the Fahiran Empire gone, all left is a sandy, dry land where food and water are worth their weight in gold.

That said, the Hidden Lairs of the Shassar Sea are littered with treasures left behind by the Fahiran Empire, just waiting to be discovered. Within these Hidden Lairs hide treasure chests containing Normal Gems, Gold, and Random Gear.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Hidden Lairs and where all the Hidden Lairs are located in the Shassar Sea in this guide.

Hidden Lair Dungeon Tips

How to Find Hidden Lairs

Start running through each Hidden Lair location within the zone as soon as the “A Hidden Lair has opened in this zone” flashes across your screen. You only have 10 minutes to find the Hidden Lair and enter it. Otherwise, the Hidden Lair will despawn and respawn in one of the other locations in the same zone.

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Looking for the next Hidden Lair will also be challenging because Hidden Lairs open randomly. Hidden Lair spawns do not have a spawning pattern, so you must run around the entire zone to find the open Hidden Lair. You can make this process easier by partying with other players and splitting up across the Shassar Sea to find the open Hidden Lair faster.

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Hidden Lair Dungeon

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Hidden Lair runs are very similar to Elder Rift runs – Hidden Lair dungeons will feature the main objective that requires players to slay the Lair Guardian along with other minor objectives, like killing groups of monsters in the dungeon.

Unlike Elder Rift dungeon runs, however, Hidden Lair runs do not have a time limit; all you need to do to progress is kill the Lair Guardian. You do not have to do anything specific to find the Lair Guardian, as this boss is already pre-spawned in the dungeon as soon as you enter the Hidden Lair.

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Completing minor objectives will reward you with a large chest full of rewards like Gear or random quality, Normal Gems, and Gold. Defeating the Lair Guardian will give you the same rewards. There’s a healthy amount of XP from clearing Hidden Lairs.

Lastly, some Hidden Lair dungeons will sometimes feature a second floor that you can access via a red portal after defeating the first Lair Guardian. The second floor works the same way as the first one; the Lair Guardian might be identical.

Where to find the Hidden Lairs in Shassar Sea

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The Shassar Sea area is divided into five zones – Chamber of Sacrifice, Windswept Sands, Lacuni Incursion, Chamber of Wisdom, and Domain of Horror. There are nine Hidden Lairs in the Shassar Sea, and each is spaced evenly from the other throughout the entire zone.

Chamber of Sacrifice


Windswept Sands

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Lacuni Incursion/Chamber of Wisdom


Domain of Horror


Sandy Wasteland

The enemies in the Shassar Sea are far more powerful than those in Ashwold Cemetery or Dark Wood, so upgrade your equipment and skills before you try to take on the Hidden Lairs found in this zone.

If you can manage the enemies and keep your HP bar filled, you can get some amazing loot from Hidden Lairs in the area. Of course, random Normal Gem drops are also guaranteed, assuming you haven’t hit the daily limit yet.

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