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Learn about the Diablo IV Battle Pass.

Diablo IV Battle Pass

Diablo IV is finally here, and with it comes updated graphics, gameplay, storyline, and of course, a new Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is completely new in Diablo IV and will be nothing like the one in Diablo Immortal. The new Battle Pass mechanics can be confusing initially, and there’s much to consider.

With this in mind, we have outlined everything you need to know about the Diablo IV Battle Pass, including how it works, how to get it, and the rewards you can expect from it in this quick guide.

Does Diablo 4 have a Battle Pass?

Diablo IV has a Battle Pass similar to what was already seen in Diablo Immortal. Like the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass, the Diablo 4 Battle Pass features three tiers: free, premium, and accelerated.

The Premium Battle Pass will cost around $9.99 worth of Platinum Currency, while the Accelerated Battle Pass will cost $24.99.

How does the Diablo 4 Battle Pass work?

The Diablo IV Battle Pass offers a free, premium, and accelerated tier. The free tier features 27 tiers, while the premium and accelerated tiers will have 90 tiers.

To progress in Diablo IV’s Battle Pass, collect Favor. Favor is a resource for completing objectives in the Season Journey. Aside from getting Favors, you will also get rewards such as crafting materials for completing quests and participating in events.

Despite not costing money, the free track provides a valuable resource in Smoldering Ashes. Smoldering Ashes are used to purchase Season Blessings for your character. At the same time, Season Blessings provide various buffs such as bonus XP, gold boost, a chance to salvage rare materials and boost the duration of Elixirs.

You can get season-themed cosmetics and Platinum Currency from the Premium Battle Pass. Meanwhile, Accelerated offers the same benefits as the Premium Battle Pass but allows you to skip through 20 tiers instantly. You will also get exclusive cosmetics in the Accelerated Battle Pass.

How to get a Battle Pass in Diablo 4

Before accessing the Battle Pass, you must complete one of your characters’ campaigns. Afterward, you can start completing objectives found in the Season Journey to collect Favor and progress through the free track.

Complete the campaign to access the Diablo IV Battle Pass

You can also purchase the Premium Battle Pass, which will give you all the rewards from the free tier, exclusive cosmetics, and unlock an additional 63 tiers.

Meanwhile, the Accelerated Battle Pass will allow you to skip through 20 tiers in the Battle Pass instantly while providing the same 63 additional tiers and its exclusive cosmetic rewards.

How Long is a Diablo 4 Season?

A new season will arrive in Diablo IV quarterly or around three months. Each Season will bring a new questline and various gameplay features, which you can play using your seasonal character.

Since Diablo IV’s Battle Pass is tied to its Seasons, you can expect to see a new Battle Pass in the game every three months.

Final Thoughts

Diablo fans already got a good taste of how Blizzard likes to run its Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal. But while the Diablo IV Battle Pass mechanics differ quite a bit from Diablo Immortal, it is there to provide you with resources to help you in your new journey in Sanctuary.

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