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Exotic weapons and gear are among the rarest equipment you can find in The Division 2. They are also generally the most powerful in the game and make end-game content less challenging if you have the skill to make full use of them.

How to Get Exotics in The Division 2

This article will detail how to get all the exotic gear (or Exotics) in The Division 2. It will not be easy, and new players are cut off from a few earlier pieces, but this guide will point you in the right direction.

Getting Exotics in the Division 2

There are 22 available Exotics in the game, with some of them being upgraded versions of base weapons or other Exotics. More Exotics are added with new patches, making them an ever-increasing presence among game veterans who have the time to search for them. Here’s how to obtain these powerful pieces.

Ruthless and Lullaby

Ruthless and Lullaby are two Exotic weapons that are effectively barred from new players.

Ruthless is a rifle that was available only as a bonus for pre-ordering the game before its official release in 2019. As a result, it’s not particularly powerful compared to regular shotguns but is still a nice bonus for early birds.

Lullaby is a shotgun that was similarly offered as a pre-order bonus.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a powerful Exotic shotgun that is a part of a rare drop pool for the Outcast boss (up to 7% depending on difficulty).

Somewhat paradoxically, Sweet Dreams can be upgraded into a version that looks like The Lullaby. However, this is a unique weapon that is more powerful than the baseline Lullaby shotgun.


Merciless is an Exotic rifle and a part of a rare drop pool from the Hyena boss (up to 7% depending on difficulty).

Getting a Merciless 450 score allows you to reskin the Merciless into a rifle that looks like Ruthless while keeping its unique mechanics intact.

The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox is the first Exotic SMG introduced into the game as a modified P90.

You need four parts to craft The Chatterbox:

  • Loaded Canister: located in Hyena crates in the Grand Washington Hotel (Downtown East) or MLK Memorial Library
  • Creative Mag: located in the Hyena crate in the Jefferson Trade Center (Federal Triangle) near the end of the garage
  • Modified Mods: found in Hyena crates in the District Union Arena
  • Chatterbox Blueprint: guaranteed in the Bank Headquarters mission after you have other components

Hyena crates require keys to open, so stock up on them before setting out to gather these parts.

(Kendra’s) Liberty

This pistol needs several steps to complete. First, you need to find four parts in specific missions:

  • Trigger and Mechanism: Capitol Building Stronghold, Kendra drop
  • Receiver and Paintjob: American History Museum, Briggs drop
  • Sight and Rail: ViewPoint Museum, Carl Wade drop
  • Grip and Tags: Space Administration HQ, Steve Quiroz drop

After obtaining these parts, you can craft the Liberty with 979 Credits, 36 Polycarbonate, 26 Carbon Fiber, 60 Receiver Components, and one High-End D50 Pistol.


The Pestilence is an exotic LMG dropped by the Black Tusk or Outcasts in the Dark Zone.


Nemesis is an exotic Sniper found by finishing and replaying the Tidal Basin missions.

You need to find five sniper parts (stock, scope, barrel, bolt, and the blueprint) scattered on the mission maps, then use 990 credits, 35 Polycarbonate, 25 Carbon Fiber, and 82 Receiver Components to craft this weapon.

Eagle Bearer

Eagle Bearer is an exotic AR found as a rare drop (10% chance) in the Operation Dark Hours raids.


After beating all three Wings at least once, this rifle can be found hidden in an SHD cache room (last loot room) in the Kenly College Expedition.

Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster

This holster requires several items to craft:

  • Blueprint – bought from Inaya al-Khaliq, donated to get the next item mission
  • Fast Leather Belt – found by clearing the Riverside Gas Station, used for the next three items missions
  • Ornate Leather Holster – Heroic Hyena Control Point
  • Inverted Leather Holster – Heroic True Sons Control Point
  • Oiled Hammer Guards – Heroic Outcasts Control Point
  • Holster Rind – building at the 15th St NW, only at 12:00 by killing a named enemy, unlocked after donating the previous items

BTSU Datagloves

These gloves are a rare drop (1-7% chance depending on difficulty) from the Galveston boss in Camp Black Oak.

Sawyer’s Kneepads

This exotic gear can be found in gear boxes if you have the Warlords of New York expansion and is a rare drop from named Hyena bosses.

The Bighorn

This exotic AR can be found in the Warlords of New York expansion by completing District Union Arena, Capitol Building, or Roosevelt Island on Legendary difficulty. It has a 5% chance to drop.


This SMG-AR hybrid drops from any Bounty Events, with its drop rate increasing with difficulty.

Bullet King

This exotic LMG can be found as a rare (1% chance on Normal, increasing to 7% on Legendary) drop from Theor Parnell or James Dragov bosses (named Rikers bosses).

Lady Death

This exotic SMG can be found by completing NY World bosses, with a 3% chance to drop from each. It’s also a part of the general loot pool with a slight chance to drop.

Acosta’s Go Bag

This backpack is a part of the rare drop (3% chance) pool from any faction crate.

Imperial Dynasty

This holster is a part of the rare drop (1-7% chance) from the final named Cleaner in any mission or Stronghold.

NinjaBike Messenger Kneepads

These pads have a 3% chance to drop from any DZ Supply loot.

Tardigrade Armor System

This chest piece has a 1-7% chance (based on difficulty) of dropping from named Last Sons bosses in any mission.

Coyote’s Mask

Drops from the final boss in Jefferson Trade Center (1-7% based on difficulty).


You need to complete the Iron Horse Raid to get the necessary parts. All five prerequisites are guaranteed drops from the raid.

The Ravenous

This exotic rifle has a 10% chance of dropping at the end of the Iron Horse Raid.

Ridgeway’s Pride

The five prerequisite parts drop on the first 100 floors of the Summit. You’ll need a key and the blueprint to receive the parts. Taking them to floor 100 allows you to craft Ridgeway’s Pride.


You need to complete five Summit challenges in a single ascent to unlock this exotic AR.

Seasonal Award Exotics

  • Season 2 Level 55 – Mantis
  • Season 2 Level 90 – Vile
  • Season 3 Level 55 – Backfire
  • Season 3 Level 90 – Memento
  • Season 4 Level 55 – Scorpio
  • Season 4 Level 90 – Waveform

Get Exotic in the Division 2

Getting all Exotics might be impossible if you’re a newer player, but that shouldn’t stop you from tracking down all the ones you can obtain.

Do you have all The Division 2 Exotics? Let us know in the comment section below.

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