How to Get to Level 40 in The Division 2


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In the base Division 2 game, players can get to Level 30 via the leveling system, and levels afterward improve your Gear Score instead. With the game’s expansion, Warlords of New York, this level cap has been increased to 40. Additionally, the improved leveling sequence allows players to upgrade their base skills after they reach this cap infinitely.

How to Get to Level 40 in The Division 2

This plethora of end-game content makes Warlords of New York a must-have for any season Division 2 player. We’re here to clarify some uncertainties players might have when switching from the base game to the expansion and how to reach the new level cap.

Getting to Level 40 in the Division 2

Without the expansion downloaded and installed, a player’s level cap in the game is 30. Getting more EXP after that point improves your Gear Score for various weapons and equipment, up until a certain limit. This meant that players didn’t have much to do after reaching max level apart from improving their skill.

With the Warlords of New York expansion, though, the level limit has been increased to 40. This applies to both the players and weapons you can find in the game. Additionally, the Gear Score system has been changed. Instead of improving various sets, the expansion introduced an infinite progression system.

To access the new end-game content and start progressing above Level 30, you need to purchase, download, and install the Warlords of New York expansion from the Epic Games store.

Once you enter the game with the expansion active, you’ll need to head over to the White House and talk to the pilot marked on the map. This questline becomes available as soon as you finish the base game storyline progression. The pilot will lead you to New York, where the expansion’s storyline and leveling to 40 begins.

Starting in New York, players can receive higher-level weapons, and the difficulty level of scenarios shoots up quickly, keeping you on your toes throughout the game.

Playing Between Levels 30 and 40

Since the game only allows you to level up after purchasing the expansion (which isn’t exactly free), some players will be stuck on Level 30 while others are progressing through the end-game.

To ensure more playability for players who don’t have the expansion, the game’s co-op scenarios can connect players in DC (base game) and NY (expansion). Your base of operations is shared, and you can enter some content together.

To make up for the increased difficulty level of expansion’s content, Level 30 players receive boosts to their base stats to make them comparable to Level 40 players. Their Gear Score is also taken into account.

After Level 40

While the base game doesn’t have much going on after you’ve reached Level 30 and filled out your Gear Score, Warlords of New York comes with a new infinite progression system. This system uses SHD levels, which come directly after Level 40, with each level having the same EXP requirement.

Whenever you gain a new SHD level, you can upgrade one of your base stats (up to a cap of 50 points), with 16 total stats to improve across four categories (Offense, Defense, Skills, and Miscellaneous). You can also improve a special Scavenging ability instead of these stats or after you’ve maxed out all of them. Taking the Scavenging ability provides you with an instant resource boost rather than a power-up.

Reach the New End-Game

With the Warlords of New York expansion, The Division 2 almost becomes a wholly different game, giving players plenty of options and increasing its replayability factor significantly. The expansion is well worth the price tag, especially if you have a few friends to play with after reaching Level 40.

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