How To Dive In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, Xbox, PC)


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It’s true that Fall Guys does not have complex mechanics. The controls are fairly simple and the options of what you can do inside the game are pretty limiting as well. Aside from moving and jumping, the rest of the buttons are not that often used, except in big danger.

How To Dive In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, Xbox, PC)

However, that does not mean that there aren’t any tricks or skills. Dive is a perfect example for a simple yet powerful mechanic that you can abuse to win more in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Here is how it works.


How To Dive in Fall Guys

To dive in Fall Guys you need to press its specific button :

  • Square on your PlayStation 4 controller
  • CTRL on PC
  • X on Xbox controller

Jump And Dive In Combo


Jump and Dive is one of the most powerful combos in Fall Guys. When you execute Dive while you’re still in the air from Jump – your character will be propelled forward. This will make you gain advantage before the rest of the players.

It can also save you from a certain fall. The perfect example for this is the game “See Saw” where a lot of times you’re jumping on a very steep platform. If you perform Dive right before you hit the platform though, you’ll go a bit further and land safely.

The same goes for any two platforms which seem like they are too far away. With a good Dive you can jump over them and escape elimination.

But you can use the same technique on firm grounds as well. You can gain inches of space every time you do it, so you’ll be wise to start practicing it every situation.

In “Hoopsie Daisy” you’ll want to use it regularly it too. Dive before a ring to fly forward and collect a point for your team.

There are many games that require a successful Dive, so we would say that is an essential skill that you can start building in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! Go!

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