Does Baldur’s Gate 3 Have Fast Travel?


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Baldur’s Gate 3 has a huge world and has quite a lot of different locations. Because of this, sometimes it can be not easy to walk between two different locations. If you are reading this article right now, you are probably one of those who do not like to walk in the game.

Does Baldur's Gate 3 Have Fast Travel?

Let’s see does Baldur’s Gate 3 have a fast travel feature.

Does Baldur’s Gate 3 Have Fast Travel Feature?

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Baldur’s Gate 3 developers have constituted a mechanic in the game, taking into account the vast world they created. This mechanic’s name is fast travel, and they have added a structure called “Ancient Rune Circle” to the game that complements this mechanic.

Thus, if you have an ancient rune circle in a location, you can fast travel there. So the answer to your question is, yes, Baldur’s Gate 3 has fast travel.

How To Use Fast Travel

To travel fast at Baldur ‘Gate 3, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Fast Travel” button at the top right.

step one travel

Step 2: Choose your destination and click on it.

step two travel

It’s that simple. You will now be able to travel efficiently and quickly wherever you want. However, to use the fast travel feature, you must first have been to that location before.

Also, you can only travel fast to places where there are structures called “ancient rune circle” at specific points.

Finally, it is possible to use the fast travel feature without using the “fast travel” button on the top right. For this, you can travel anywhere you want by clicking on one “ancient rune circle”.

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