Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Have Local Multiplayer?


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Endless waves of players are rocking inside Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout every second! Round after round, ambitious jellybeans are chasing the fun that doesn’t seem to end. And how could it? Fall Guys proved to be the best gaming surprise of the year!

Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Have Local Multiplayer?

It’s only natural that we want to share this treasure with our friends. We want them to be there when we win, lose, climb and fall through the countless mazes of Fall Guys.

And although the game is all-in on the online multiplayer side, wouldn’t it be just perfect if it could be enjoyed in the couch co-op mode with your loved ones?

Can You Play Fall Guys In Split Screen Mode

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We are sad to inform you that: no, you cannot.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not support local multiplayer. That simply means that you won’t be able to connect two players on one console (or one PC) and to have them play together. Only one person can access the game at one time and the screen is reserved just for him!

We aren’t 100% sure if the developers truly planned for the local multiplayer feature to be a part of Fall Guys, but it makes total sense when considering the competitive nature of the game – you run around as a lone jellybean, trying to be the last one standing!

There isn’t too much co-op inside Fall Guys, apart from the team games rounds, so maybe the creators thought that any shared screen mode would only damage your friendship, not grow it.

Will There Be Local Multiplayer In The Future

Unfortunately, the local multiplayer was not implemented when Fall Guys launched, so the questions for why that’s the case were left in the air.

In a Reddit AMA, the developers at Mediatonic answered that they had ideas for a split screen mode for Fall Guys, but they had quickly abandoned them for lack of time and resources. It is no small job to make this feature right, so we might have to wait a bit longer, until they are ready to give us what we want!

So don’t despair! The community is crying for local multiplayer to be a viable option for Fall Guys and the creators are busy at work. Let’s just hope it will be sooner than later!

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