Can You Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout On Nintendo?


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It is without a doubt that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the big multiplayer hit. It seems like Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have created a ceaseless entertainment – where the fun time never ends and amusement grows heavier with each round!

Can You Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout On Nintendo?

Thousands and thousands of players are jumping in and out of the hot action every day. Yet some gamers are left bordered out of the playground. How could this be Let’s find out!

Can you play Fall Guys on Nintendo?

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Unfortunately, no.

The studio behind Fall Guys released the game for only two gaming platforms: PC and PlayStation 4. It came out as a surprise that Fall Guys won’t be available for the other consoles, because the gameplay isn’t too different between the two covered platforms.

True, the ability to crossplay and connect with players from both PC and PS4 isn’t an option yet for Fall Guys, but at least the gamers enjoy large online multiplayer on their respective platforms.

Although it is not sure why Fall Guys did not launch for Xbox and Nintendo Switch as well, the safest bet is to say that it’s all because of the shortage of resources and time that a video game development takes.


Is Fall Guys Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon?

The fans have already asked this question many times, but the answers are still not that many.

On one FAQ, the developers have informed us that the Fall Guys will start with only the two gaming platforms: PC and PS4. But they would also love to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well.

They’ve asked the players for their feedback on the matter, so we can expect adaptations of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout some time in the future!

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