Does Stardew Valley Have Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save?



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Stardew Valley remains a game which you can explore to the ends of time. However, the main question is, can you play with your cross-platform buddies, or can you transfer your progress to another device?

Does Stardew Valley Have Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save?

This game has an online multiplayer gamemode which has the capacity of four players, and they are all playing in one world, i.e. the hosts world. A lot of questions arose like can you do this but with other platform players, is there cross-save, and can you play when the host isn’t online?

Does Stardew Valley Have Cross-Platform Play and Save?

Since there is no other way to say this, I’ll be as blunt as possible. Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform play and save supported in Stardew Valley.

As if that wasn’t enough of a bummer, when four players join in on the online gamemode, three of those players can play as much as they want until the host is active.

When the host quits the game and isn’t online though, players cannot join in on the server. So, really it isn’t a great streamlined solution for online play. As for the host, he can jump in on the server whenever he or she decides to do so.

Cross-Play and Save in Future Updates?

Unfortunately, there is not much to go on whether or not the developers are planning to implement such features. On top of that, it’s not like players haven’t stated their desire for such features, but there is no feedback from the makers.

Time and time again, users on the official reddit for Stardew Valley have complained about cross-save and cross-play with no answers or indications that something might change in the future.

Because of the inevitable silence of the makers, I would say that such implementations in the future are farfetched. Thankfully though, because there were no Multiplayer features on the iOS and Android devices, the developers have now announced that they are working on bringing it for those players as well.

Nevertheless, this still remains a unique game that will bring you joy and smiles. It’s just a bummer that what might be considered “standard features” these days, aren’t in the game.

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