Dorfromantik: Is It Available on Mac



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If modern board games are cup of tea, then you might have come across a game called Dorfromantik. This unusually spectacular puzzle game is more complex than players assume. The mechanics and the goal of the game are beautifully mixed to create a tough challenge. There are millions of variations of building your village, and the main goal is to create the best village, while scoring the most points.

Dorfromantik: Is It Available on Mac

Truly a game that will have you hooked on it for a while. It is an indie game, but since its released it has gained quite a bit of traction reputation-wise. But many are asking themselves: can it be played on a Mac?

Can You Play Dorfromantik on a Mac?

The graphics aren’t that demanding for it not to be available on a Mac, but particularly a Macbook. So, is this game supported on the MacOS?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot play Dorfromantik on a Mac. While it is quite a shame that Mac users can’t experience this game, it is understandable.

It’s developed by four game design students that are based in Berlin, Germany. Luca Langeberg, Sandro Heuberger, Timo Falcke, and Zwi Zausch are all members of the team, and they’re working hard on updating the game, implementing new additions, and similar development tasks.

The point is that, the game is very much in the early stages, and getting a game compatible for multiple platforms is no easy task. Add development and optimization to the mix, and it is pretty much impossible to do so without having a team of hundreds of people, all working on different platform versions of the game.

In any case, props to Toukana Interactive – Dorfromantik’s developers, for making the game so optimized on Windows.

At the moment, there is no indication about the game coming to Mac, or any other platforms for that matter. Meaning, no official information regarding platforms has come to light.

However, as the game progresses and gets the extra spotlight attention, we might see this game becoming available on other platforms as well. At least, for now, we can only hope so.

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