Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Photo Locations for Reminiscence of Seirai



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Reminiscence of Seirai is a world quest in Genshin Impact that is tied to the overall lore of the Electro Nation Inazuma. This particular mission will give some information about the abandoned isle engulfed by an everlasting thunderstorm, Seirai Island.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Photo Locations for Reminiscence of Seirai

How to Get the Reminiscence of Seirai Quest

This quest can only be triggered when you pick up an old painted picture found lying on one of the yard shrines scattered around Seirai Island.

ros yard shrines

The particular little structure is on a hill across Koseki Village. You can teleport to the waypoint at the top of this hill and you find the shrines just a little down from it.

ros start map

After finding the photo you will go to Narukami City and ask around the Adventurers’ Guild if they have information about the thing that you picked up.

Just past the Adventurer’s Guild, by the bridge under a Sakura tree, you will find an adventurer named Furuya Noboru. He immediately recognizes that the old photo you have is an area on Seirai Island.

ros inazuma adventurer

However, he does not know any more than that since they were not able to investigate the region thoroughly due to a lack of resources and manpower. He will point you to a man named Oda Torou. You will find him standing on the bridge over the pond behind the city’s shopping district.

ros inazuma oda

Oda Torou has been looking for someone to escort him to visit Seirai Island and has even posted a commission with the guild to have someone go on his behalf.

ros oda torou

Oda Torou’s interest in the island is rooted in the fact that his ancestors were originally from there. His family has three landscape paintings of Seirai that he felt he needed to see. But, with his current situation, he cannot leave travel to see his ancestors’ hometown. Instead, he will ask you to take a photo of the exact landscape on the paintings using the Kamera.

Location of All Painted Landscapes

Including the picture that you found, there are four different landscapes in Seirai Island that you need to photograph. The quest will not mark the locations, therefore your only clue is the paintings that you have.

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Although Oda Torou told you to take photos using a Kamera, the quest will not be completed if you use the gadget. You need to use the game’s built-in camera feature that you can access by opening Paimon’s menu.

Examine the paintings and when choosing the spot and angle in taking the photo, make sure that the majority of the elements seen on the reference pictures are included.

ros camera msg

You will know if you have the correct angle because a message will appear when you get into the photo-taking mode.

Landscape no. 1: Koseki Village

The photo should be taken from the island across the Koseski Village. It is above the cliff southwest of Slumbering Court Domain.

ros landscape 1 1

The view should be overlooking Koseki Village and the entire cliff behind, as well as some part of the water below.

ros photo 1

Landscape no. 2: Asase Shrine

ros landscape 2 1

This scenery should be photographed from a cliff southwest of Koseki Village. The water surrounding the island should be shown. A Torii gate that leads to a path to the shrine should also be included in the photo.

ros photo 2

Landscape no. 3: Seiraimaru

For this third location, you need to be on a piece of rock on the water across the shipwreck. The painting shows an estuary but at present time, that part has been occupied by a ship’s wreckage.

ros landscape 3 1

From your position, you will also see the Shrine of Depth above the hill, which you can also see in the painting.

ros photo 3

Landscape no. 4: Amakumo Peak

This fourth painting shows the lake at the crater of Amakumo Peak.

ros landscape 4 1

The area you need to be standing on is east of the teleport waypoint if you are looking at the map. But if your screen is facing the lake itself, you should be on the left side, right on the dirt path that leads into the crater or lake.

ros photo 4

These photos can be taken in any order and after taking photos of all four landscapes, return to Inazuma City and report to Oda Torou.

At some point in your conversation with the man, he will mention Miss Fujiwara Toshiko who you once helped find treasure left by her ancestors in Koseki Village of Seirai Island.

ros end

Completing this quest will unlock the achievement “On the Other Side of Homesickness,” as well as grant you an Inazuma reputation reward.

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