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Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is full of maps and different dungeons. More often than not, there are quests which players can complete both side quests and main ones. In similar fashion, with the first quest of the game, which is the Goblins at the Gate, there are eight dwarven mugs to be found. Keep reading to find out all dwarven mug locations in Goblins at the Gate.

Dwarven Mug Locations | Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Dwarven Mug Locations In Goblins At The Gate – D & D Dark Alliance

Now, it might be difficult to pinpoint all f the exact locations for these dwarven mugs, as they’re perfectly hidden. But in terms of difficulty, it is quite easy to collect all of them, since it is the first quest of the game.

There are quite a few enemies players will run in to while trying to collect all of the mugs, but again, it is not that difficult to go through them since it is still at the start of the game, but it still might vary based on the difficulty.

Let’s get to the dwarven mug locations. Here’s all of the dwarven mug locations in Goblins at the Gate in D & D – Dark Alliance:

  1. Dwarven Mug – First one is located near the start, on the right side, sitting on the broken cart.
  2. Dwarven Mug – Look for the next one next to the big ballista in the pile of corpses before the bridge.
  3. Dwarven Mug – Keep following the marker until you reach some stairs heading down. Look for a pile of corpses on the right, and loot them to get the third one. This is where you will meet the second verbeeg.
  4. Dwarven Mug – Again, keep following the marker until you reach a wooden base. On the left of the entrance, there is a wooden structure with the dwarven mug sitting on it.
  5. Dwarven Mug – After climbing through the base’s wooden stairs to the top, and once you enter the big structure, take a right. At the end of the platform, you will find the dwarven mug in a cage.
  6. Dwarven Mug – Soon enough you will run into some cultists. You will fight them in a designated area, and on the right side of it, you will find the sixth dwarven mug.
  7. Dwarven Mug – Right of the lift to the last arena of the boss fight. You will find it sitting on a warrior’s body.
  8. Dwarven Mug – Use the lift to get to the last area of Goblins at the Gate, and look for a barrel on the left. Behind it, there should be a dwarven mug.

That concludes all of the dwarven collectibles on the first dungeon of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. After that, there are similar collectibles that can be found on other dungeons and missions.

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