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Ender Lilies might be a tad bit complex, especially to new players. While the game does a good job of guiding players through the mechanics, players will find themselves in unfortunate positions, where they cannot execute a particular activity, such as swimming. Meaning, players will need to unlock such upgrades and spirits to gain the possibility to complete the particular action. Below, you will find out how to swim in Ender Lilies.

Ender Lilies Swimming | How To Swim

How To Swim – Ender Lilies

Such as any major upgrade or spirit enhancement in the game, you do need to beat a particular boss in order to get the ability to swim. The particular enemy is called the Dark Witch Eleine.

This fight is a bit tough since Dark Witch Eleine is an aerial enemy, so do all of the preparation that you can. Also, get pets which are fly pets to help you in the fight.

So, how do you swim in Ender Lilies? Well, you need to beat Dark Witch Eleine and purify her soul in order to get the ability to swim. Dark Witch Eleine can be found here:

Once you do get there, the fight might be a bit tough. Like any boss in the game, there are a couple of stages to the fight, and phases in which this boss will change around the mechanics.

At the beginning, it is quite easy to do some aerial attacks, so do them as soon as the possibility arises. For her attacks, use dodge instead of jump, as it is the most effective.

That goes for the second and third phase of the fight. However, at these stages, you will need to be more on the lookout, since Eleine will throw some projectiles which are very difficult to dodge.

So, don’t rush in to get some attacks in. Instead, wait it out and try to learn Eleine’s patterns and only attack when she gets ready for her next attack.

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