E3 2022 Digital Event Cancelled?


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If movies and TV had the San Diego Comic-Con, then gaming’s biggest gathering is probably the Electronic Entertainment Expo a.k.a. E3. Though the rise of the Omicron variant has probably pushed the event to take place virtually, a rumor is going around that even the digital E3 2022 event has been cancelled.

E3 2022 Digital Event Cancelled?

This comes from insider Jeff Grubb (via GamingBolt) who says that E3 2022’s digital event won’t be pushing through. In a video from Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess, he says, “E3’s been cancelled. Well, physically it’s been cancelled. Digitally—probably also cancelled.”

If anything, there hasn’t been any elaboration given as to why it was cancelled, so some are considering this to be a chance that the event could push through—maybe even later than June.

While this does come out as a bummer for longtime E3 followers, the pandemic has kind of changed the gaming marketing landscape where big companies like PlayStation and EA Games kind of hold little E3 events of their own, giving their biggest reveals for their most-anticipated titles.

For now, all fans can just do about E3 is wait. If anything, E3 has been one of the earliest victims of the pandemic, with E3 2020 being outright cancelled. Though some were hopeful that physical events were going to take place again soon, it looks like Omicron has put a wrench in an otherwise recovering machine.

No announcement has been made for the date of E3 2022.

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