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Finally, a new season in Cold War, but not just any update, this one is pretty major. It is a new season, so like seasons before, there are new maps, weapons, collectibles, features, and so much more. All in all, this new season is full of new content. Like Cold War, Warzone got a major update as well. But today, like any other season before it we will cover some easer egg locations. Read on to find all zoo radio locations in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Zoo Radio | All Locations

All Zoo Radio Locations – Black Ops Cold War

At the moment, there have been a few easter eggs that were found in the new zoo map in the map, like radios, monkeys, and projectors. At the moment though, there is not much information about what these easter eggs are though.

Some die-hard COD fans might have an idea, but me, who only plays Cold War every several months, well, not much to say. Plus, we didn’t find much information online.

Nevertheless, it is always interesting to find these easter eggs around new maps in the game. Here are all zoo radio locations in Cold War:

  1. The first one can be found at the entrance of the map on the left side. It stands on one of the platforms with the bushes in the middle.
  2. Left of it, you will find a doorway with a red star on the top. Go inside, and go behind the counter, and you will find the second one.
  3. Head out through the same door, and immediately take a left. Left of the Aquarium’s entrance you should see the third zoo radio.
  4. Go behind the Aquarium building, and climb up the stairs. Look for what appears to be cement on the right side of the top of the stairs. On it, is the fourth zoo radio station.

Those include all of the zoo radios that can be found on the new map in Cold War. Once you find each one, interact with them to listen to the message to learn more about what this is all about.

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