How to Get Blueprints in Eve Online


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To create something as complex as a starship, you can’t fumble your way into it. That’s why in EVE Online, blueprints exist to help players produce ships, munitions, and more. However, these blueprints aren’t as straightforward as you might think.

How to Get Blueprints in Eve Online

For those curious as to how the blueprint system works, you’re in the right place. The blueprint system can be complicated, but we’ll help you understand the basics. In addition, you’ll find out how to get some for yourself.

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Originals and Copies

In EVE Online, blueprints are divided into two categories: Originals and Copies. Both the Original and Copy of a blueprint yield the same product. The difference lies in how many times you can use them.

BPOs are the original blueprints of a ship or other product. When you look at the blueprint itself, you’ll see it says “Original” and “Infinite Runs” after the name. These words tell you that you can make as many of a particular ship or module as you can afford.

BPCs, on the other hand, are copies. The difference is you can only use these blueprints a certain number of times. For example, you can use a Blackbird BPC 10 times before it’s destroyed. You get 10 Blackbirds; however, making more requires another BPC.

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How to Get Blueprints?

All Tech 1 BPOs are found in the market, sold by NPC sellers. As EVE Online places the BPOs with different NPCs in various regions of space, you’ll have to look around to find a particular BPO.

Tech 2 BPOs also exist, but they’re scarce. In the past, they were part of an unfair system that involved a lottery. As Tech 2 BPOs are now unavailable from the game itself, only players who had them before will still find them in their inventory.

However, players can sell them on contracts or forums. There are no other ways to get Tech 2 BPOs.

BPCs come from one of these sources:

Buying from contracts

Players can create contracts and submit them in the region. The contracts stay up for a certain amount of time, and any interested players can choose to fulfill them for the items. BPCs are mainly obtained this way from sellers.

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Copying a BPO

If you own a BPO, you can always copy it and sell the copies for a profit. You can also use the BPCs for Invention and Reverse Engineering. The former can result in Tech 2 BPCs and the latter Tech 3 BPCs.

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Buying from Loyalty Point stores

In EVE Online, you can affiliate yourself with factions, and gaining Loyalty Points allows you to exchange them for BPCs in their stores.

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NPC drops

Some rare ship and module BPCs are drops from defeating NPCs. There are relatively rare, however.

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Is It an Original?

Without blueprints, you won’t be able to build powerful ships, ammunition, and modules. Blueprints are the life of EVE Online, and every mighty player has plenty of them. Whether you have originals or copies, they are critical for building up your fleet.

Do you have a Tech 2 BPO, and which ones are they? What do you think about the current blueprint system? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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