Everything You Need To Know About Fe On Nintendo Switch


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I saw a trailer about Fe some months ago and that all I actually needed to get attracted to the game and I’ve been playing it since then. One of the Nintendo Switch game writers said the game is one of the ‘most well-crafted, thought-provoking games of the year so far,’ I must say that he was not really exaggerating and that’s basically the truth about the game.

Everything You Need To Know About Fe On Nintendo Switch

It’s special and has its own set of rules that makes it stand out from the rest. If you are thinking about checking out the Fe game on Nintendo Switch, then I will try my best to let you know what to expect and don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you because you will also discover a lot of things about the game when you start playing.

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Singing With The Animals

Ocean you start the Fe game, one of the things you will first come across is a deer-like animal that will be friendly to you but doesn’t quickly jump on its back right away. You will need to first sing with it, and that’s where the game starts.

For you to be able to sing with an animal, you will need to face the animal, touch and hold down the RZ button on your controller and after doing that, when you start singing with the animal, you must be able to match the tone of the animal.

You can do this by moving your controller in any of the four directions depending on the controller mode that you are using.

You will have to this systematically, you can’t just be going haphazardly, and you have to monitor your tone and that of the animal so that it can match. Once you start singing, there will be a glowing globe on both of you that will be trying to connect.

Move your pitch up and down to match that of the animal, and once the globes are connected, that’s it! You are now friends.

There are some animals that you can ride, like deer and adult birds and there are some small animals that you cannot ride, their job is to help you. Always make sure that you sing to any animal that you meet except the Silent Ones because you can never know their intentions.

The Silent Ones Are Not the Only Ones That Can Hurt You

There are the bad ones in Fe that are quite obvious with their plans for you like the huge robotic Silent Ones. But the main issue is there are some other dangerous creatures that do not like bad, but they can actually hurt you if you are not careful.

For example, there is a disturbing river fish that will make it very difficult for you to pass and it will always be ready to swallow you if you try to swim upstream. Pretty bad yeah? And to make it more difficult, seed bombs cannot affect them, so you just have to find a way not to get eaten.

It’s also interesting to know that there are some animals that you will be friends with at first but they will later turn on you. So be watchful and be on alert any time you meet an animal that does not have a slight glow around it. Your friend may now be ready to hurt you.

Ask the Small Birds for Help

When you about to begin the Mother Bird stage, you will see some robotic Silent Ones that will attack a big bird and capture it. This is where you will meet a small bird that will come to you directly.

You can then sing to it and make sure you become friends. Once you become friends, the small birds and his friends will be your guide from this stage of the game.

If you will like to get the attention of a small bird, tap and hold down the RZ trigger, pull up your controller or your joystick. Keep holding up the controller until the glow changes to green; this will make a small bird to come to you.

And if you will like to ask for help, you will need to sing again, but this time, you do not need to worry about the pitch. As soon as you start singing, the small bird will fly while leaving a trail behind; all you need to do is follow the trail to see where you will go next.

Sing to Everything

Fe is all about exploring and discovering new things, and the developers ensured that they gave us a lot to discover. Most of the time, you will see an indicator notifying you that there is something very close to you that needs your attention. Sometimes it can be a floating transparent triangle, and there are times you will just need to increase your pitch to see what you have around.

Obtain those Pink Crystals: They Provide You with You New Abilities

You will need to perform several tasks on Fe, one of the tasks is that you will need to collect pink crystals. You will find some of the crystals in the open for you to gather and some are hidden. The advantage of obtaining these crystals is that they unlock new abilities.

After collecting many crystals, the tree climbing ability will be unlocked; the game will take you to a different portal where you will learn how to climb a tree. After you have completed the lesson, you will be transported back to your real world where you will be able to use the new ability that you just earned.

You will later learn how to be quicker in collecting crystals. These crystals are important because some parts of the game will be locked until you have these new abilities that you can only learn by collecting the pink crystals. So search everywhere for these pink crystals and collect as many as possible.

Unearth the Silent One’s Memories

There are times you will meet a mechanical cube that appears like leftover dirt of a previous attack from the Silent Ones. Yeah, that’s the basic description because they are actually the left-behind memories of the Silent Ones.

By singing to these leftover cubes, a crystal will come out of it. Collecting one of these crystals will give you the ability to view a memory from the perspective of a Silent One. Each memory will give you a better idea of what going on in your forest.         

Explore the Story

The idea behind Fe is about discovering new things. Just like every other game, there is a basic storyline about the game, but the developers made sure the game can be explored.

They also made sure that you can use your thinking abilities to uncover some parts of the game and make it more interesting for you. For example, if you see a crystal high on a cliff, and you want to collect it, but you are finding it difficult to get there, there are no point spending hours at that point trying to get the crystal, you can move around and explore the ground, and you will be able to easily collect the crystal.

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