Rise of Kingdoms: How to Get Alliance Credits


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Strength often comes with numbers, and this is especially the case in Rise of Kingdoms. In the game, players can band together in an Alliance and help each other out. Other than having friends to rely on, you can also earn a gamut of great rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms: How to Get Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits are among the best rewards you can get from joining an Alliance. With this currency, many projects become possible. It’s why keeping a stash of these credits around is an excellent idea.

Getting Alliance Credits

To earn Alliance Credits, members of the Alliance have to help each other and the organization out. Here are the methods:

Participate in Events

As an Alliance member, you can participate in many time-limited events. Depending on the event, you can earn a decent amount of Credits from participation alone. If there’s an event you know will yield a substantial number, by all means, play in it.

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Alliance Construction Projects

Any member can build flags, forts, and more to bolster the Alliance. When doing so, they earn some Alliance Credits. However, there’s a daily maximum of Credits you can earn from construction.

You can only earn 20,000 Credits daily in this manner. If you’re looking to earn more, you’ll have to wait until the day resets.


Donating for Technology

The whole Alliance shares technological developments, and it takes donations to increase the progression. Whenever you donate some gold to the Alliance, you’ll get 100 Credits. There’s also a chance to earn double or triple the investment.

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Sharing Chests

Every time a fellow Alliance member buys some in-game packs, everyone benefits and gets a chest. There’s a chance to get Alliance Credits when you open it, though you can also get other resources instead.

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Provide Assistance to Alliance Members

Anyone within an Alliance can request help from other members. If you check the relevant tab and notice someone asking for help, go ahead and provide the assistance you need.

Being a helpful member of the Alliance pays off, as you can earn some Alliance Credits this way. Like construction, there’s a cap for helping members, and the limit is 10,000 Credits a day.

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How to Use Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits are an indispensable currency. From restocking shops to research, no Alliance can prosper without enough credits. Here are the ways you can spend them:

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Building Structures

Alliance Credits are how Alliance structures are built. These projects cost both resources and Alliance Credits. For example, you’ll need to create plenty of flags to accommodate new members. The more you make, the higher the cost becomes.

Due to the rising costs, members have to contribute towards the Alliance Credits earned every day.

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Restocking the Alliance Shop

The Alliance Shop has wares that run out once members buy everything. Instead of crying about it, leaders can spend Alliance Credits to restock the shop. Doing so ensures there are enough items to go around.

Members spend Individual Credits on the shop’s offerings. This currency is distinct from Alliance Credits.

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Research requires plenty of Alliance Credits, and other than construction projects, nothing else consumes as many credits. Technology can allow members access to incredible benefits, making it a high priority for any Alliance.

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Structure Repairs

In war, few buildings escape unscathed. Fires, if left alone, will eventually reduce a structure’s durability. To rectify this situation, Alliances can spend their Credits to save the buildings.

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For the Common Good

The whole Alliance earns Alliance Credits for the common good of the members. Without them, buildings will crumble, and potential remains untapped. That’s why making plenty of Credits is the Alliance’s highest priority.

How many Alliance Credits does your Alliance have? Do you use all methods to earn some daily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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