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There is just so much that is going on in Evil Genius 2. Gone are the days was unbelievably simple, back in 2004. The reboot is nothing short of breathtaking, but taking over the world is, well, the best way to put it would be: difficult. Building you multiple-layer evil headquarters is the least of your worries. The navigating through those layers, and building adequate facilities is very difficult.

Evil Genius 2: Floor Levels Guide

For this guide though, we should ditch the world “difficult”. After all, the developers have made the game really simple, for how vast and mechanically-intense it is.

Floor Levels in Evil Genius 2

There are only a few things that a player needs to know about floor levels in Evil Genius 2 in order to progress. Colors matter, how many floors there are, are they connected, and much more.


To start it off, navigation is key. To navigate between the floor levels in Evil Genius 2, you can either press Page Up or Page Down on your keyboard. This will move you through the different levels that you have for your base.

The second most important thing is keeping mind of the fact that not all layers of your base will be connected. On the first floor, there will be a bridge are that connects the buildings, but that’s pretty much it.

Once you start going down through the floors, you will see different color shades on the floor. The middle shade is the easiest to build at, but as you go out, you will need more and more research to build on that ground.

In other words, the lighter shades don’t require a lot of research to build on them, but the dark ones do, and usually unlock later in the game.

The “B” on the bottom of the screen represents the basement floor of your base. The numbers next to it are the numbers of the floor you have.

IMPORTANT: The most important thing is that whenever you build on a floor, you must make sure it is connected to the floor below, but somewhere when you can actually build.

That is why it is so important to keep in mind the different textures and shades of the floors.

Other than that, it all comes down to personal design preference. But make sure you keep this in mind whenever when building in Evil Genius 2.

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