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Building you villainous empire might be more challenging than expected. While Evil Genius 2 is exceptionally made, there is just so many stuff that you need to know in order to “steal the moon” like Gru would say. Building might be a little bit annoying sometimes. For examples, when building stairs, it is really hard to make them either go down or up.

Evil Genius 2: How to Build Stairs

Because of that, we though it be best that we clear things up a bit, and show you what are the mechanics behind building stairs in Evil Genius 2.

Make Stairs in Evil Genius 2

The biggest issue when building stairs in Evil Genius 2 comes when players want to build a stair case in the ground. So, when you are on the second story of your evil HQ, it might be challenging to build stairs going down.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to ensure that your staircase placement is great, and build them easily. This is how you build stairs in Evil Genius 2:

  1. Unlock stairs in the research tree.
  2. Go to where you want to build your stairs.
  3. Go down and make sure the ground matches.
  4. Go upstairs and rotate the stairs the way you want them to be built. You will get an exclamation point if they don’t fit, and a check if they do.
  5. Once you get the check, click to go downstairs, and your stairs will start to get built.

So, the process of building stairs is a bit unorthodox, and truth be told, we had some issues at the start as well, but that is how you do it. Relatively easy, once you find out how to do it.

However, before building any stairs, as I said before, you must unlock them in your research tree. To do that, you will need: x1 Scientist, x1 Impact Analyzer, x3 Level 1 Unlock Items, and 20,000 gold

Since Evil Genius 2 was released not that long ago, we suspect that the game will get a few updates regarding some of the quirky building mechanics, but until then, this is how to build stairs.

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