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Your Henchmen in Evil Genius 2 will have a hard time killing and fooling the agents that will come to your base to find out about your covert operation. However, the main way you heal you minions in the game cannot be used for healing the Henchmen. In fact, none of the medical units that you have in your base have the capabilities to heal the Henchmen.

Evil Genius 2: How to Heal Henchmen

Instead, you will need to build a conference table somewhere in your base, where you and your Henchmen can sit at. This will heal your Henchmen, for some odd reason.

Healing Henchmen

When you have the conference table, the Henchmen will automatically go and rest at it whenever their health is low. On top of that, you can order them to go to it by clicking on the Henchmen, then right-clicking on the conference table.

This will kindly remind them like: hey, your health is low, go and rest at the conference table.

It is still unknown how a conference table might heal big injuries that your Henchmen will inevitably get from the agents, but hey, it is good that we even have that possibility.

In all honesty, Evil Genius 2 tends to be quite quirky in its mechanics, but this is completely reasonable, just from the fact of how vast it actually is. Not to mention, how many mechanics are implemented in the game, it is quite impressive.

This is the second title in the franchise, and it seems as though it holds the same threshold for quality.

Back in the day when the first Evil Genius came out, it received one of the most spotless score we have seen in gaming from the last two decades.

That was back in 2004, and it is safe to say that the developers had a tad bit of pressure. But thankfully, now that Evil Genius 2 is released, we can safely say that they have managed to pull it off.

Unfortunately, like the previous title, the game is only available on PC, and there is no evidence suggesting that this would change.

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