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Evil Genius 2 will take you on a rollercoaster of objectives. After all, getting to world domination isn’t that easy. Nevertheless, just to add on the difficulties of such a complex game, sometimes, the game’s mechanics are quite quirky and completing some objectives can be more than difficult, just because the game doesn’t do a good job of giving you all the tools you need to play the game.

Evil Genius 2: How to Hold Board Meeting

This is reasonable, since the game is vast, and there is so much you will need to learn on your own, like, for example, holding a board meeting.

How to Have a Board Meeting

To have a board meeting in Evil Genius 2, you must have a conference table, and have your character sitting down on it. Then, click on the table, and hit “Hold Board Meeting”.

After a while, all of the minions that will need to be present on the board meeting will sit down. Keep in mind that this might take a while depending on where they’re located, but it shouldn’t take that long.

For some reason, many players can’t seem to hold a board meeting even if their player is sitting down. If that’s the case, make sure to restart the game. After that, repeat the process of starting the board meeting.

Again, if the problem is still persistent, then make sure to remove the table, and then place it again. Then try again.

It is still unknown whether this is a bug or an underlying issue with the game, but these fixes usually work for those who cannot hold their board meeting in Evil Genius 2.

Still, this game has impressed in many ways, even though, like I said, some of its mechanics and gameplay might be quirky. The predecessor made some waves in the gaming world even back in 2004, and the successor is no different. There are many players considering joining in on the action, and why shouldn’t they.

This is one of the most interesting strategic titles that was released in 2021. Evil Genius 2 is available on PC only.

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