Evil Genius 2: How to Let Agents Steal Fake Schematics



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With all of its complex combat mechanics and traps, it is fairly difficult to take it all in with this game – Evil Genius 2. But on top of killing or trapping you enemies, you can also fool them. There are fake schematics in this game which can be used to fool your enemies into thinking that they have gotten something which is valuable.

Evil Genius 2: How to Let Agents Steal Fake Schematics

However, it is only a diversion tool, but a pretty effective one for that matter. One trouble that many players have with it, is the fact that agents don’t seem to go on to steal fake schematics.

How to Make Agents Steal Fake Schematics – Evil Genius 2

The point to fake schematics is to be easily fool your enemies into taking it. But to do that, it must be easily visible, and somewhere at the beginning of your base.

To make the agents steal the fake schematics, I would suggest that you put them somewhere in the lobby of your cover operation. Somewhere where your enemies enter your base most frequently.

It can also be put somewhere in the back of your base, but the point is that you would have a much tougher time of leading the agents to that location. This way, you can have it on an armory in the main lobby, and the agents will immediately get fooled.

Still, you do lose some style points, but in any case, it is more important to divert your enemies, than to have them walking around in your base.

As far as getting the fake schematics, it is relatively simple. They do not need to be built or crafted, instead go to your Building menu, then navigate to you loot.

It is important to mention that these cannot be placed everywhere, and sometimes, it won’t let you place them in the lobby as well. To make that happen, build an armory, and then place the fake schematics on top.

The most common place that people try to put them is in the hallways, which is impossible in Evil Genius 2.

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