Evil Genius 2: How to Unlock New Minion Types



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There is no doubt that Evil Genius 2 is complex. While this sinister strategy game might hide its difficulty with its cartoonish and fun graphics, it is far from straightforward. Part of the process to world domination will require players to train minions to do certain tasks, and prevent the cover to be blown for the background operation.

Evil Genius 2: How to Unlock New Minion Types

What we found though is that not many know how to get these minions and train them to do certain tasks. While Evil Genius 2 gets you a bit prepared to run a sinister operation, most of the details aren’t covered with the tutorials.

How to Get New Minion Types – Evil Genius 2

To unlock the new minion types in Evil Genius 2, players will need to finish the side missions in order to get them.

Simply open up the systems menu, and then navigate to Objectives. Then, go to Side Stories and look for missions that have Minion Recruitment under their name. These are the ones that you will need to finish to get new minions.

Make sure to click on a particular Minion Recruitment mission when you find one, and then hit “Start Side Story”.

After the mission has started, a player will need to go to the World Stage screen. When you’re there, you will have to find the particular minion for the mission, which should be displayed as the same logo as the side story mission.

If there isn’t a lot of heat in the area, launch the scheme to kidnap the Minion. Then, bring the minion over to your base, and build an interrogation chair somewhere in your base.

After you have interrogated the minion, it will give you the item that you will need to train other minions.

Now, the side missions might vary depending on what type of minion you’re trying to get, but all in all, it is the same method. Find the side mission, start it, kidnap the minion, interrogate and train other minions.

The process is a bit difficult since there are a lot of minion types in the game, but as you progress, these side missions will unlock.

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