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Evony: The King’s Return allows players to rule over a city and develop it in various ways. To improve a city, the player must gather five resources, including Gold. However, Gold isn’t obtainable via mining, so you need to get it using other methods.

How to Get Gold in Evony

Other than taxing the people, there are still different ways to gain Gold efficiently. Being in an Alliance helps, but you should also participate in events. All of these options will help you earn Gold, from hundreds of thousands to millions, depending on the methods you choose.

Fight in the Battle of Constantinople and Battle of Gaugamela

The Battle of Constantinople is a weekly recurring event that players can only participate in while in an Alliance. The Alliance must be within the top 10 of the servers and be at least 14 days old. Players have to be at least Level 15 and be a member for three days and more.

The Alliance leader will pick players to fight in the battle, and even though you may lose, you consistently earn at least 4,000,000 Gold each time. Brilliant performers may get 20,000,000 by obtaining Gold chests and high personal scores of 1,200 and beyond.

In contrast, the Battle of Gaugamela takes place on Wednesday instead of Friday or Saturday. This battle is not as profitable, as you only gain around 2,000,000 Gold for participation. If you have a higher score, it’s possible to get more Gold.

Levying Gems for Gold in the Keep

When you level up your Keep, you can use it to exchange Gems for Gold. The higher your Keep’s level, the more Gold you get from the exchange.

However, while you have some favorable rates in the first few exchanges, the rates you encounter further will be poor. It’s not recommended to proceed with this method once you exchange around 10,000 Gems.

Hunting Bosses and Enemies

There are several bosses in Evony that require Stamina to fight. They include:

  • Goblin
  • Knight Bayard
  • Vikings

These enemies or bosses can yield millions of Gold at most, or a few hundred thousand at the least.


Goblins are regular enemies whose primary purpose is to let you farm Gold. When you have enough Stamina, try to spend it on profitable ventures such as slaying Goblins.

Every Goblin you kill rewards you with 100,000 to 300,000, depending on their levels. A Level 7 Greedy Goblin can give you up to 600,000 Gold with a double drop ring equipped. Rings like this are essential for efficient farming.

Knight Bayard

While players without much combat strength can fight Junior Knight Bayard, Senior Knight Bayard has the better rewards. Try to fight the latter if possible.

Both drop plenty of Gold in the form of items:

  • Pile of Gold
  • Bulk of Gold
  • Mass of Gold

The lowest you can get is 200,000 Gold, but if you’re lucky and get a Mass of Gold, the number can skyrocket to 2,000,000. The amount depends on your fortune, though you can always fight him again if you have the Stamina for it.


Even the manageable Viking levels can reward you with more than 2,500,000 Gold, not including double drops. However, the real deal is in the Alliance rallies. These missions are highly rewarding, and strong Alliances can earn at least 100,000,000 Gold.

Participate in Various Events

Time-limited events will sometimes let you exchange goods for Gold. You can make a million or two this way, but it’s still not as profitable as fighting Vikings and other bosses.

Login Rewards

There are occasionally login rewards in Evony, and by doing so daily, you can earn a few million Gold just by opening your game. It’s quick, making it a recommended method for fast cash.

Swimming in Gold

Getting rich in Evony: The King’s Return isn’t particularly challenging for late-game players. While newbies may struggle to earn a few hundred thousand, even they can fight bosses later on for higher returns. There are a few other ways to earn Gold, but these are the best ones in the game.

How do you farm for Gold in Evony each day? How much Gold do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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