F1 2021: Austrian Grand Prix Setup Guide


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What a weird track, and yet the Red Bull Ring is a spectacle that we wait for anxiously each year. Mostly due to all the wheel-to-wheel action, with all those straights. However, there are some harsh corners on the Austrian Grand Prix as well. So, players can’t really go full speed and ignore downforce or aerodynamics. So, what’s the best Austrian Grand Prix setup? Read on to find out!

F1 2021: Austrian Grand Prix Setup Guide

Austrian Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

It is quite an interesting tack, and quite hard to create a setup for. We already touched on the fact that there are long straights, with harsh and sharp corners, so you might imagine how unorthodox creating a setup for this track is.

Now, depending on your driving style, you might have some issues with the following setup. But as far as the best Austrian Grand Prix setup is concerned, this is the best one we’ve found:

  • Aerodynamics. Since it is mostly straights with a few sharp corners here and there, for aerodynamics, we favored speed more, but also made sure we have sufficient downforce. We went with a 5-7 setup here.
  • Transmission. We only went with a 70% on-throttle which is enough for the corners on the Red Bull Ring, and 55% off-throttle. This gives us both tire management and speed, in other words, a balanced transmission.
  • Suspension Geometry. This is the same as some of the other tracks on the calendar this year. For the front camber, do 2.50 and as for the rear, go to the lowest amount. Front toe should be 0.06 and rear, to the lowest.
  • Suspension. This one isn’t that tricky. Go with 1-3 for the front/rear suspension, 7-7 for the front/rear anti-roll bar, and 3-7 for the front/rear ride height.
  • Brakes. As for the brakes, compared to last year, it is very different. For the brake pressure, do 95% and for the brake bias, 56%.
  • Tires. The fronts should be in the neighborhood of 21.8psi, and the rears can be around 22.7 psi. You can do some tweaking here.

That’s about it. It is the best overall setup, but there are things you can change depending on your driving style. Suspension geometry is one of them.

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