F1 2021: Italian Grand Prix Setup Guide



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Monza is one of the most exciting tracks on the F1 calendar. Since the track mostly has straights, it is not all about downforce, but speed as well. As a consequence, the setups tend to be much more pace favorable, instead of downforce. In all honesty, the Italian Grand Prix setup is more straightforward than people think. However, since the last game things have changed quite a bit.

F1 2021: Italian Grand Prix Setup Guide

Italian Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

There were major fundamental changes to how the car performs and interacts with the track. With that said, the setups changed majorly as well. So, in theory, players cannot use the setup from F1 2020, in the new game now.

Of course, some settings overlap in the setup, but most of the time, that’s not the case. If you want to extract every bit of performance from your car on Monza, follow this Italian Grand Prix setup guide:

  • Aerodynamics. We put the wings much higher, but while you might be less speedy through the corners, it is safer this way. The aerodynamics are set to 4-7.
  • Transmission. This isn’t surprising. We went with a 70% on-throttle and 55% off-throttle. This is to get good performance out of the back tires while also managing them.
  • Suspension Geometry. The suspension geometry hasn’t changed that much. So, you can go with 2.50 on the front camber, and 2.00 on the rear. As for the front toe, do 0.06 and 0.20 on the rear.
  • Suspension. Front and rear suspension- 1-5. Front and rear anti-roll bar- 1-7. Front and rear ride height- 2-7.
  • Brakes. Brake pressure must be close to 97% or max it out to 100%. As for the brake bias, players can get away with 56%.
  • Tires. Tire pressure is an area that sees some differences compared to last year. For the front tires, you can do 21.8psi, and for the back tires, 22.7 is enough.

The tire pressure might seem counterintuitive, but it isn’t. We don’t have a lot of difference in pressure between the back and front wheels, as Monza has fast, long, and sweeping corners. No need to do anything fancy with the tire pressure on this track.

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