F1 2021: USA Grand Prix Setup Guide



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The USA Grand Prix is a weird track, fans either love it or hate it. Now, while this track may be unsuitable for F1 races, I kind of like it. And, I’m sure that I’m not the only one. But since a lot of stuff has changed in F1 2021, what is the best USA Grand Prix setup? We set out to find that out, and give you the ability to extract the most performance out of the car on this track.

F1 2021: USA Grand Prix Setup Guide

USA Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

This track has everything. It has long straight for high-speed wheel-to-wheel action, it has some sharp and hard corners, and it has medium-pace corners. So, the car setup must be a bit of a hybrid one if you want the best performance.

Nevertheless, on this track it is easy to get the best setup, since you can go for an overall build. Meaning, not favor one thing over the other. Here’s the best USA Grand Prix setup:

  • Aerodynamics. For the aerodynamics, go with 3-7. Good for long straights, medium corners, and also sharper corners.
  • Transmission. While most go with a lower on-throttle differential on this track, we went with 70%. For the off-throttle, we did 55%. Most players go much lower for on-throttle, but this track has quite a few turns.
  • Suspension Geometry. For this one, you would have to compromise. Go with a 2.50 front camber and a 2.00 for the rear camber. Front toe should be 0.06 and rear toe set to minimum.
  • Suspension. Front/rear suspension set to 2-6, front/rear anti-roll bar set to 3/9, and front/rear ride height set to 2/4.
  • Brakes. Go with the max on brakes- 100% for brake pressure, and 50% for brake bias. This remains the same this year-round.
  • Tires. Go with more pressure in the fronts- 22.2 psi, and for the rear tires, players can do around 20.3 psi.

It does take some time to get used to this setup, but it is a balanced setup, so you will get the best overall performance, since balanced setups work best on this track.

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