F1 2021: China Grand Prix Setup Guide



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The China Grand Prix is a tough one. Not necessarily for setting up the car, but for driving it in general. It is so easy to lose the rear of the car on one of the fast-paced corners of this track. Nevertheless, we wanted to find the best China Grand Prix setup, to ensure that you get the most out of your car. Read on to learn more about the setup!

F1 2021: China Grand Prix Setup Guide

China Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

Basically, this track has one of the longest straights in the current lineup of tracks for F1. On top of having one of the longest straights, this track also has modestly-sized corners, which are high-speed corners.

Most players, especially newbies, do struggle with this track. It takes a bit more driving finesse to nail it easily. However, to get the best show of doing that, try the following China Grand Prix setup:

  • Aerodynamics. The absolute best setup for aerodynamics we found was 7-8. You do need a lot of downforce for those corners. One touch less, and you can loss control easily.
  • Transmission. While we felt that we didn’t need much on-throttle diff., that was not the case. Players must do at least 85% on-throttle, and 56% off-throttle to have anything close to a drivable car.
  • Suspension Geometry. Set the front camber to 2.60 and the rear camber to 1.80. For the front toe, do like 0.08 and rear toe, 0.20. It may sound unreasonable, but this works best.
  • Suspension. Front/rear suspension- 3-4, front/rear anti-roll bar set to 3/9, and front/rear ride height set to 2/6.
  • Brakes. For the brake pressure, you can do it do the max- 100%, and the brake bias can be 54%.
  • Tires. Two front tires should be 23.0, while the rear tires can be 23.1. No need for fancy setups or changes here.

Other tips for this track include focusing as much as possible on the racing lines and handling. Power isn’t as important, simply make sure to nail your entries and exits.

Other than that, good luck on the China circuit!

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