F1 2021: Spanish Grand Prix Setup Guide


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Ah Spain, one of the most exciting Grand Prix in the season. But this fast-paced with slow sector race is quite challenging to make a setup for. Partly due to the fact that some parts are very fast, while the end sector is slow, and it has one long straight which is great for overtaking. In the all-new F1 2021, the best Spain setup is quite challenging to execute, but we’ve done it.

F1 2021: Spanish Grand Prix Setup Guide

Spanish Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

Now, of course, it will take some time for some players to get used to this setup, as it is quite messy, but that’s exactly what you need for the Spanish Grand Prix. It seems messy but in actuality isn’t.

Since F1 2020, there are so many things changed that Formula 1 2021 feels like a whole other game. This means that whichever setups worked for F1 2020 don’t work in 2021.

In terms of the best Spain setup for F1 2021, this is it:

  • Aerodynamics. For this, make sure that you set the car up with 7-11. This is mainly for downforce, and not speed, but for this track that’s more important.
  • Transmission. Like most other tracks, the Spanish Grand Prix for the transmission is similar. So, set the on-throttle to 70% and off-throttle to 55%. This is the same for the Canada setup as well.
  • Suspension Geometry. When it comes to suspension geometry, it is the same as last year. Front camber- 2.50, rear camber- 2.00, front toe 0.06, and rear toe leave as default.
  • Suspension. Compared to geometry, this has changed quite a lot. Front/rear suspension, set to 8-7. As for the front/rear anti-roll bars, set to 8-8. And lastly, the ride height should be 3-6.
  • Brakes. Set the brake pressure to 97% as 100% is not viable anymore. For the brake bias, do like 56%.
  • Tires. 21.4 psi for both of the front tires, and for the rear tires, set them to 23.1 psi.

As far as whether this is the best setup for Spain, it probably is, but it does take some time to get used to it. So much has changed in this new installment of the official F1 game, but these changed have been positively accepted by the player base.

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