F1 2021: French Grand Prix Setup Guide



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The French Grand Prix is a bit of a tire-destroying machine, hey, big thanks to those big long corners. But there are things you can do to ensure that you have a pleasurable time at this Grand Prix, and have a competitive advantage. You can set-up your car in a way which will ensure that it performs beautifully. But if you’re new to car setups in general, this French Grand Prix setup guide will help you out to get started.

F1 2021: French Grand Prix Setup Guide

French Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

Handling has changed a lot since the last F1 game. That’s why so man players are struggling with getting setups right, especially for tracks with sharp or even long and high-speed corners.

Again, this is what makes the French Grand Prix so difficult to set-up a car for. In any case though, we think we have a pretty good setup created.

This is probably the best French Grand Prix setup for F1 2021:

  • Aerodynamics. Best bet for aerodynamics is a 5-8 setup. With rear being 8 you have decent downforce with the ability to carry out a big speed or pace.
  • Transmission. For the transmission, we went with an 80-60% setup, which will give you decent speed for corner exits, and sufficient speeds during corners.
  • Suspension Geometry. This is the same as last year, with front camber at 2.50, rear at 2.00, and front toe at 0.06. The rest, leave as default.
  • Suspension. For the suspension go with a 3-4 setup, but for the front/rear anti-roll-bars, go with 7-7. Lastly, for ride height, go with 3-7.
  • Brakes. For this track, brake pressure is recommended to be at least 97%, while the brake bias should be 56%.
  • Tires. This is the last piece of the puzzle, and there have been some changes to this as well. Set the front tires to 21.4 psi, while the rears to 23.5 psi. This is the best tire pressure we have found for this track.

With the new mechanics for handling and changes to suspension, other tracks will require others setups as well. Follow Caffeinated Gamer for more track setups for F1 2021!

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