F1 2021: Canadian Grand Prix Setup Guide



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Formula 1 is finally here, and we’re not just talking about how the real-life Verstappen VS Hamilton rivalry is unfolding. The new F1 game is out, F1 2021, so, like any other new Formula 1 game, players jump in quick to find out which are the best setups for which tracks. Today, we will show you the best Canada setup, and explain the reasoning behind everything.

F1 2021: Canadian Grand Prix Setup Guide

Canadian Grand Prix Setup Guide – F1 2021

The Canadian Grand Prix was discontinued back in the day, but in the new game, of course, you can try it out for yourself. It’s a hectic, wheel-to-wheel with long straights type of thing.

Usually, whenever players created Canada setups, they would focus on three stop races, or two stops with a lot of tire management. That is not the case in F1 2021 though, as you can go one or two stops easily.

What follows is the best Canada setup for the all new F1 2021:

  • Aerodynamics. For the front wing aero, make sure to set it at 6. When it comes to rear wing aero though, set that to 10. This is your best bet in the corners of this Grand Prix.
  • Transmission. Differential Adjustment on Throttle – 70% for nice exits out of the hairpin, and 55% Differential Adjustment Off Throttle, mainly for tire management.
  • Suspension Geometry. This is the trickiest part of the setup, especially for new players. Set the front camber all the way to the right and the rear camber all the way to the left. Front toe should be set around 0.06.
  • Suspension. For this, we will give the front and then the rear numbers (ex. 3-4). So, for suspension alone, go for 4-7, for anti-roll-bar go with 3-6, and lastly, for height, go with 4-6.
  • Brakes. With a lot of lockups with the brakes in F1 2021, go with 95% brake pressure, and 55% brake bias.
  • Tires. Front tires- 21.8 PSI and 23.1 PSI on the rear tires.

That’s about it. You can make some minor changes to this setup, depending on your driving style, but I recommend trying to get accustomed to it.

It is a bit of a learning curve, but Canada has been always a tough track.

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