Fall Guys Looking for Players – No Match Found Error Fix



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The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to struggle as the servers keep getting flooded by hordes of playful jellybeans! The Gaming community has joined hands and seems determined to not leave the playground ever!

Fall Guys Looking for Players - No Match Found Error Fix

But many players are unable to even join a game of Fall Guys – instead they are stuck on the forever spinning loading screen, looking for players but never finding enough.

Switching to a different server doesn’t result in finding a game and in the rare cases that it does – the game ends almost instantly and you’re once again stuck on the unhappy loading screen.

Is there a way that the ‘No match found’ Fall Guys error can be fixed? Let’s find out!

Solution For No Match Found

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout no match found issues arise from the inability of the servers to fit everyone in. Hundreds and thousands of players hold the game in high demand, but the game isn’t ready for all of them.

The developers have informed us multiple times that they are beefing up the servers and increasing their capacity so that we could all enjoy Fall Guys at the same time. Scheduled maintenances are also a thing, so we can strongly hope that they are right!

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What You Can Do About It

It sounds boring, but please make sure your internet connection is working properly. Sometimes similar errors could appear from having a shaky and unstable connection, so it’s worth the time.

Follow the official game’s page and the developers on twitter to know when the servers are online, so you don’t get confused when you’re stuck on the loading screen, not finding a match. When the servers are down, you won’t be able to find a game.

Refreshing, restarting or even reinstalling Fall Guys could all be possible options for you, but only in certain cases they will result in good news. But they are all worth the time if you are determined to play Fall Guys now.

And wait. The problem is 99% on the developers’ side, so doing something rash wouldn’t be smart. We should all sit back for a bit, relax and wait for the servers to be ready for us. Then the fun won’t ever stop!

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