Fall Guys Server Disconnected: Disconnected From The Server



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It’s true when people say that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout broke all expectations. The game’s servers have been overcrowded since its release and taking a spot inside has become a really hard thing to do for many of us.

Fall Guys Server Disconnected: Disconnected From The Server

We could be in the middle of the game, chasing all the fun of the round and suddenly – a ‘Disconnected’ screen would appear right in front of us!

The players have been complaining and writing reports all over the internet, but every answer that we’ve received yet by the developers has been “We’re working on it”.

How to Fix Fall Guys Server Disconnected

The Servers Are Just Too Crowded

The simple answer is “Yes, the servers are totally overcrowded”. Thousands and thousands of players are constantly jumping in and out of Fall Guys ever since it launched.

The game’s popularity skyrocketed despite everyone’s expectations and it hit massively on every platform, including Steam, Twitch and YouTube.

The developers quickly admitted that they didn’t assume the game would take this pace and so their servers weren’t suited for the attention Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout got at its release.

So, of course many players are experiencing random disconnects and troubles in the service. We’re just too many jellybeans in that little jar!

Take A Few Breaths And Relax

Right now, the best thing you can do is relax and wait for the problem to be fixed. It’s quite normal to get a random disconnect during your game and it happens constantly to a lot of players. It sucks, we know, but for now – we can’t do much else but start another game.

And honestly, the problem will continue to occur until the servers are expanded to fit all of the people who are trying to play. We’ve heard that the developers are actively working on just that, so we have no reason not to believe them.

You can also check the server status and see if there is a scheduled maintenance taking place during your playtime. Right now this happens often, so while the maintenance lasts the servers will be offline and you’ll be disconnected out of Fall Guys.

But don’t lose hope! All these things are done with the sole purpose to better the game and make room for every player out there. So don’t despair and look forward to meeting us inside Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

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