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While it might not look like it, Fallout 4 allows for excellent customization options if you understand the risks involved. The console commands on the game’s PC version will enable the player to change nearly every aspect of the game and become a god (at least as far as the game is concerned). This article will provide a brief overview of using console commands to improve your Fallout 4 experience.

Fallout 4 Console Commands

Using Console Commands

You must enable the game’s developer and debugging console to use console commands. On US-based keyboard setups, press the ` (tilde key) to the left of the one key on the keyboard. UK-based keyboards often use the’ (apostrophe) key, but it largely depends on your system and keyboard settings.

To enter a command, you must open the console, input the command and its parameters, and press Enter. For commands, the letter case is not important (i.e., “TGM,” “tgm,” or “tGm” will work the same). You can use arrow keys to scroll through recently used commands if you need to repeat a specific command a few times.

However, it should be noted that some console commands are challenging or impossible to revert once input, and others will crash the game due to engine constraints and incompatibilities.

As a rule of thumb, it is good practice to create a new save before attempting any console shenanigans, no matter how simple they seem. Even basic console commands can have lasting effects when combined with others, and you can easily make the game unplayable with a few button presses.

There are two types of commands: targeted and untargeted.

For untargeted commands, they immediately affect whatever system they are bound to and all applicable characters. Targeted commands, on the other hand, will fail if they do not have a target. For targeted commands, you need to use target.command. This target is usually the ID of the target you wish to affect.

While the console is open, you get a cursor to move around. The mouse can select nearby characters and objects for targeted commands. A selected target will have its ID displayed above it. You can forgo leading zeroes if you want to type that ID in.

For more accuracy, stay close to the target so the cursor does not pick up any nearby objects. You can use the “player.” prefix instead of an ID (14).

You can also use the prid command to “load” a target instead of using its ID. Using the prid [ID] command, you can leave out the ID portion of subsequent targeted commands, which will apply to the ID used in prid.

Most Common Console Commands

You can find lists of all available console commands in the wiki, community websites, or user-made pages. There are quite a few, and not all are useful for getting you out of a pinch or snapping good screenshots.

Some of the most used console commands include:

  • tgm – makes you invincible (God mode); toggled on or off.
  • tcl – toggles collision on or off, allowing you to walk through walls, terrain, or objects.
  • tfc – frees the camera from your character (togglable); if you use tfc 1, it will also stop time, which is useful for taking screenshots.
  • tmm – toggles the HUD and menus; note that it also makes the console invisible, so you must repeat this command blindly to revert it.
  • killall – pretty straightforward, this one.
  • csb – removes blood effects from the screen, can’t be reverted.
  • fov <number> – changes the field of view to the selected number (up to 180); the default is around 65. Using the command without a parameter, strangely, puts it to 75.
  • coc <ID> – teleports you to the indicated area.
  • target.tc – takes or removes control of the target; you need to use player.tc if you do not want your character to mirror commands.
  • fw <weatherID> – changes the weather to the indicated one; default weather is 15e; see this list for more.
  • help <name> – tracks down IDs of objects based on their name; if you want to use more than one word, put them in quotes. Use the “Page Up” or “Page Down” buttons to scroll through the results.
  • resurrect <ID> – resurrects the target. You can use the targeting cursor to bring a deceased NPC back to life; it does not replace missing parts like heads or limbs.

Become a God in Fallout 4 With Console Commands

Tinkering with console commands is a great way to get better screenshots or make the game laughably easy. Ensure you have saved the game before doing something weird you can not revert.

What console commands do you use in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comment section below.

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