How to Get More Settlers in Fallout 4


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Fallout 4 follows the protagonist’s adventures. You survive nuclear bombardment and awaken to a world full of mutated creatures. Other humans also emerge from their Vaults, but you’re the sole survivor of Vault 111. Later, you can help start settlements throughout the Commonwealth.

How to Get More Settlers in Fallout 4

To populate a settlement, you need people, but it’s vital to convince them to stay. There are a few methods of doing so, and all of them hinge upon inhabitants’ happiness. Keep on reading to find out more.

Attracting Settlers in Fallout 4

Settlers won’t come to your settlement unless they know they can thrive there. Keep this in mind when you’re asking others to move over. Here are the various ways to get more people to live in your settlement.

Have Enough Food for Everyone?

It’s unacceptable to move to a new location only to starve. That’s why you should assign more workers to food production. Without workers, the food you have won’t be counted as a resource.

By heading to the Workshop, you can assign a settler to work on food. The more you do this, the likelier it is for others to occupy your settlement.

Provide Plenty of Water

Water is an essential of life, and in Fallout 4, this is also the case. In general, all settlers should have at least one unit of water, and building water pumps make this possible. The best part is that they don’t have to be manned by anyone, and they provide water all the same. If you can, try to plan for the future and build more water pumps than you need.

Make Beds for Newcomers

There should be one bed for every settler, even if it’s just a mattress or a sleeping bag. Each bed needs to be placed in a sheltered area with a roof. Beds also need to be easily accessible by settlers, or they won’t be claimed.

Even when you manage to provide enough, you should always make a few more. More beds can help attract newcomers while you’re out on an adventure.

Provide Ample Security

Settlements are prone to raids and attacks, as the teaming life is a tempting target for both radioactive creatures, raiders, and other factions. The best course of action is to construct some Guard Posts and Towers to protect the dwellers.

Next, assign a few settlers to their new posts. Give them effective weapons and ammo to drive the threats away while you’re absent. Strong security leads to a content settlement, and people will want to live there.

Build a Recruitment Radio Beacon

The Recruitment Radio Beacon costs the following resources:

  • 10 Steel
  • Two Circuitry
  • Three Ceramic
  • Two Crystal
  • Six Copper
  • One Rubber

Once you gather these items, you also need a generator for at least one unit of electricity. Hooking the beacon up to the generator will attract more people passively. Since the beacon doesn’t stop unless you manually shut it off, you can rely on it to bring newcomers quickly.

When you feel that your settlement has enough inhabitants, you can turn it off by interacting with it.

Talk to NPCs in the Commonwealth

Some named NPCs let you know about their troubles and woes, but if you choose the correct dialog options, you may convince them to head to one of your settlements. This method may take some conversational maneuvering, but it helps attract exceptionally talented people to your place.

Welcome to Your New Home

The new inhabitants of your town should be well-fed and cared for, or they won’t stay. As you’ll always have to add more beds and necessities, you can stop your recruitment methods when things get out of hand. After all, you can always restart the process after expanding the place.

How many settlements do you manage? How large is your biggest settlement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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