Fallout 76: Patch Notes 1.48 (Fixes & More)


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Newest update of Fallout 76 is here and it is more diverse than ever! With substantially big update files, you probably have guessed that there is a lot that is new in this patch!

Fallout 76: Patch Notes 1.48 (Fixes & More)

The newest update is now available on all platforms but the sizes of the update on each platform may vary:

  • PS4 – 9.2 GB
  • Xbox One – 11.6 GB
  • Steam – 5.7 GB
  • Microsoft Store – 11.9 GB
  • Bethesda.net – 5 GB

Fallout 76 – 1.48 Patch Notes (Update Version

Season 3 is finally here!

There is a new Scoreboard Scribe to Avalon, where you and the famous historian K.D. Inkwell, will unveil the mysteries of an unknown medieval civilization.

  • There are 100 ranks you can climb on this Scoreboard. With Inkwell, find technology and save it in the time that is ahead of you.
  • A lot of new items you can unlock as you level up in this Scoreboard like: currencies, perk card packs, armor paints, weapon skins, cosmetics, C.A.M.P. items, outfits, and a lot of other stuff.
  • In this season, a lot of new item rewards are available to players. There are: perk coins, Perfectly Preserved Bubblegum, Lite Allies, Antique Speed Bag, Backpack Flairs, etc.
  • In addition, bonus rewards for 1st Members have been implemented into the game. Players that reach a certain rank will get bonus rewards on top of the usual ones that they would acquire.
  • Weekly and daily challenges have been a subject to some change as well. There have been a lot of new challenges that have been added for both daily and weekly rotations.
  • Lastly, if you didn’t get the Weight Bench last season, you can now buy it from the Gold Bullion vendors.

Bug and Error Fixes Patch Notes 1.48


  • If you want to use Red Viper Armor skins, they can be favorited for Nuclear Winter.
  • The Plan for the Poodle Sleeping Bag can now drop for players that are above level 50 in Daily Ops.
  • Urban Scout mask can now have both Red Viper and Camouflage skins applied to it.

Graphics and Art

  • When in third-person, the headlamp on the Blue Demon Power Armor helmet will now shine towards the correct direction.
  • Fixed a bug where the Brotherhood of Steel Camouflage clipped through equipped outfit.


  • If you kill a small frog, it will now count in the “Kill Different Kinds of Critters” challenge.
  • The Scorchbeast queen will now count on the challenge called “Kill Different Kinds of Tough Enemies” if slain.
  • Fixed the issue on “Discover the Overseer’s C.A.M.P” where it showed the wrong reward icon.
  • “Kill Different Kinds of Insects and Bugs” didn’t count cave crickets, but that is now fixed.
  • Flatwoods Monster is now an alien, which means it will count towards “Kill an Alien” sub-challenge. The main challenge for that is “Kill Different Kinds of Human-like Creatures”
  • The Hermit Crab, if killed, will count towards “Kill Different Kinds of Arthropods”.
  • All Holotapes will be counted now, on the challenge “Listen to an Audio Holotape”.
  • On the challenge “Kill Different Kinds of Aquatic or Semi-Aquatic Creatures”, both Frog Crawlers and Mirelurks will count towards it.

Performance and Stability

  • No more hitching during gameplay on the client of Fallout 76.
  • When battling Scorched in the Forest, the game kept crashing for some players. Now, that issue is fixed.
  • A crash on Xbox One when going into Foundation Supply Room was fixed, when on the “Supplying Demands” quest.
  • On PS4 though, the crash when leaving the Vault Atrium Shelter of another player was finally fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where players placed wallpapers that they didn’t own in their Shelters.
  • Potted Plants won’t be placed outside the playable area in Shelters, when trying to put them near Shelter ceilings.
  • Metal beams going through objects placed on Large Shelter Entrances are now fixed.
  • Players can now build different objects like floors and similar on the spawn point inside Shelters. This doesn’t include pressure plates and traps.
  • Large Shelter Entrances can now be placed much closer to bodies of water. In addition, the bug when they couldn’t be built was fixed.
  • All the programmable objects can save the settings in-between player’s play session.
  • The bug where Eat-o-tronic clipped into the floor of Vault Lobby Shelter is now eradicated.
  • Fixed the issue where wires from Generators to other objects disappeared in-between play sessions.

C.A.M.P. and Workshops

  • Fixed a glitched that allowed players to increase budget at C.A.M.P. with Patio Chairs.
  • The Encampment Gate is now properly in-between the posts, i.e. centered.
  • Vault Catwalk – Straight Section now can be snapped into corner pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t buy Railroad Spikes using the 100x buying feature.
  • Also, Flamer Fuel had a similar issue, where it couldn’t be sold with the 100x feature. In this patch, that is fixed.
  • The Encampment Fences are now fixed, and can be snapped at the left side of the Encampment Gate.
  • The Fog Machine and Spooky Sound Machine can now be placed at the same time.

User Interface

  • In the help menu, you will now find helpful information about Shelters.
  • Non-functional rank up button when buying a couple of ranks quickly is now fixed.
  • Players can now navigate the menu in the Atomic Shop properly after buying a bundle.
  • The issue where player’s selection moved up when opening a holiday gift is now mitigated.


  • New sound effects added to opening and closing the container at Collectron Station.

Quests and Events

  • Fixed a bug where Sheena spawned in the wall on the “Speak to Sheena” task.


Overall, there are quite a few bug fixes, and less new additions in the 1.48 patch. However, if this improves stability, which I’m sure it will, then I’m betting that the players will be happy with it.

As for season’s 3 new content, you can make the argument that not much interesting was added in the game. Obviously, there are a lot of additions, but not as much as you might expect with a new season.

Nonetheless, at the time of writing, not much time has passed to make a conclusion, as not much of the new content has been uncovered yet. Be careful out there, solider!

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